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  1. for sale: 1991 Blue Fin, 19.5ft aluiminum boat 130hp Mercruiser inboard/outboard engine; 1991 Escort trailer with new tires. Mooring cover; canopy; side curtains. Hummingbird Helix 5 depth finder/Gps combo. Vhf transceiver with DSC connected to Gps. Am/Fm cassette radio. 2 Canon Electric Downriggers with cannon balls and releases; 4 Berkley rod holders. Trolling plate; backup "wide vision" Hummingbird depth finder. Anchor with 100ft of line; 4 life preservers; flares 2 boat bumpers; 2 Bilge pumps. Emergency "throw cushion" with 100ft. of line This boat has been in covered storage each winter and has been well maintained. A very sea worthy boat and great on both Lakes Erie and Ontario! All set to launch. Price $6000.00/ BO; Boat is located in Akron, N.Y. Call 716-542-9151
  2. Trolled from 1st point point north of Woodville 6.5 miles north. Got one small rainbow on a small stinger spoon! Ran with 2 riggers and sliders, 2 dipsies, and one lead core in the middle, Washed a lot of lures, all on the west side. Any helpfull thoughts would be welcome. Thanks guys. Jerry Sz
  3. Hadn't been on the lake since 2014 so we thought we'd give it a try. Launched from Woodville. Fished from 8 till 1. Boated 1 laker and 1 brown..Both fish caught on spoons 65ft down. Missed one other hit. Quite a lot of weed mats. No fleas though. Marked very few fish! I wonder why the canandaigua reports are so few. Tight lines, Jerry Sz
  4. 6-4-13 Tried state launch at northern end. Beautiful launch site! Fished with grandson from 7 am till noon. Stayed on west side. Tried dodgers, SD's and spoons with UV and without. Tried running lures from 20' down to 100' down. Didn't move a rod! Marked quite a lot of fish and a few bait pods also. Wind was from the NW so that might have been a factor. Saw about 10 other boats but most seemed to be anchored. Nice to get out anyways. Jerry Sz
  5. 5-20-13 I spoke with a Ranger Pat dormer today about the Woodville launch status and he said that the ramp is done but the are waiting for the docks to be made and delivered. No definite date on this but it should be soon. He works with the DEC and lives in the area and can be reached at: 585-905-7898. I am looking forward to fishing the south end again. Jerry Sz
  6. Launched out of Woodville at 7:00am. Water shallow and a lot of weeds near launch area. Fished till 11:30am and had 2 missed strikes. Good news was that spinear fleas were not present. Good to be back on the lake. Jerry Sz
  7. launched out of woodville today. started on west side, at second point, and trolled north. Had 6 rods in water by 7:45. Got a 19" laker at 8:45 on DR with a SD and fly. Continued north just past the condos and didn"t move another rod! Had a lot of spinier critters on my 2 dipsy lines, one with20lb fireline and one with wire.I run 30lb on my downriggers and they were not bothered, neither were my flatlines. I noticed as I pulled up the dipsys that the first 75ft of dipsy line was clear so the fleas must be hanging 30 to 40ft down in the water column. Tried trolling back south with no results. Trolled over to the other side and had one hit on a firetiger Bagley on a flat line but dropped it half way to the boat. Quit at 1:00. I am wondering if the fishing is better now further north up the lake? Also what do you Finger lake fisherman suggest replacing my dipsy line with to avoid the fleas? Thanks Jerry
  8. Launched out of Woodville at 7:00 am. Fished west side up to condos in 80fow to 150fow. Picked up 2 lakers, both on spin doctors with green flies. Lost one near the boat on a stick bait on lead core, with 5 colors out. Marked scattered fish and a few bait pods. Quite a lot of smaller branches and leafs in the water. Thoroughly enjoyed the day with Grandson!
  9. 14', 1974 Mirrorcraft aluminum boat 1975 Boyer tilt trailer with spare tire 1972, 9.5 Evinrude engine with 6 gallon tank 2 manual crank cannon downriggers Eagle Super Pro Lcd fish finder Minn Kota 30ft.lb. electric motor anchor, oars, 2 life preservers, fire ext., net & 2 rod holders. I purchased the 9.5hp new and it has been well maintained. First $1100. takes it. Ready to fish. Call 716-542-9151 or Pm me.
  10. Launched at Woodville about 7:00am. Fog was fairly thick so we didn't go much over 5 mph as we headed out. Discovered that the humming bird froze up before it came on fully! I was glad that I had brought the x15 as a backup as I always do. Fired it up and it was working just fine. It kept on working as we got our rods set up and then its belt broke! I tried the hummingbird again and it started working. Also the fog started lifting. Stayed on the west side and didn't move a rod until 9:00 am. Ended up going 4 for 8 with 3 Lt and one 24" RT . SD & flies had 3 hits and mixed spoons had the other 5 hits. 100fow to 180fow was the depth we covered. Quit at noon.
  11. Mr Walleye, Thanks for the tip. We tried a variety of spoons and depths from 30' down to a 100' down but nothing with a white bottom. By the way, my boat is dark blue with a white canopy. Tight lines. Jerrysz
  12. Mr Walleye, I had the 19.5 Blue fin with the canopy. Bottom is blue. Name of the boat is "Fishing impossible" We tried all the spoons that have worked other times and also ran spin doctors and flies. NADA What was working for you? Jerrysz
  13. Only second time out this year.launched at south end and trolled North about 4miles. Repeated several times on west side and then over to east side. Called it quits after 6 hrs and only one strike! Seems like the cold front that went through the last couple of days might have been the culprit!
  14. jerrysz

    Erie- Wd's?

    Read where WD's are being used. Just what lure is that?
  15. Fished south end from 6am till noon. First time out this year. Action was a little spotty. Got 5 lakers: 2 on s.d. & fly: and 3 on spoons. Had dipsies out 200' to 250'. Downriggers produced at 60' & 70'. All in 100 to 150fow. Very little weeds but quite a lot of spinier fleas. Missed 4 or 5 other hits. Sutton 88 and NBK were the only spoons that produced. Grandkids loved it.
  16. Fished south end from 7:00am till noon. Overcast, light winds and occasional drizzle. Had a banner day!! Boated 9 lakers including one 10lb. fish; dropped a nice rt at back of boat and had 6 others on that didn't make it to the boat! Hot rig of the day was a mtn dew spin doc and grn fly on a dipsy with wire 180' back. Grn-blu-silver spoon was also hot!
  17. Went out of the Catt from 8:00am till noon. 2 footers when we started and 3' to 5' when we finished. Trolled for walleyes but only managed one 2# bass, 4 small silver bass and a dink perch. Marked very few fish!. Lots of boats out for perch but they weren't doing real good either.
  18. Launched at Woodville and fished north to the condos and back. started fishing at 7:00am and fished till noon. Caught 4 between 7:10 and 8:00am and then it was if a switch had been turned off!! All nice lakers and as a bonus, it was a beautiful day. 2 on s.d. and fly and 2 on spoons.
  19. Fished south end from 7;30am till 1:00pm.Nice day with light winds and an overcast sky. Boated 4 out of 8 lakers. all on either SD & fly or Pro Chip Flasher & fly. Riggers at 100' and 200' of wire with dipsy. Tried running 20' to 50' for rainbows with small spoons but nothing doing. Has anyone had any luck on either Browns or Bows? Jerry sz
  20. Fished out of Woodville with grandson from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm. Picked up 3 Lakers on west side. missed 2 other strikes. 2 were taken on wire line with #1 Dipsey and 200' of line and a watermelon NK. Missed one other strike on this setup. Picked up another on a DR with a Steelie Stomper, 110' down. The 2nd missed strike was on a 42nd spoon with 10 colors of lead color. Tried dodgers with flies and a SD with flies but no takers. Nothing doing on East side at all. Spinear flies were collecting on lines. First time out on Canadaigua this year!
  21. Fished South end from 9:00am till 2:00pm. Worked West side from 1mi North of Woodvile to a mile North of condos then across to East side North of Vine Valley and back South to White Rock. Only picked up one 18" Lake Trout, at 50' over 150'. Tried Dodgers,Spin Doc's and various spoons. Also tried working the 180' depth North of Vine Valley. Didn't mark any bait anywhere! Had a light NE wind and day before wind was also from North. Might be a big factor!
  22. jerrysz

    dunkirk 9/5

    Had a similar outing. Picked up 3 walleyes, 23' to 27', in 100fow, between 9 & 10 am. Then it shut right down! 2 were on #1 dipsey's, 270' back with chartreuse WH and 1 on chicken wing spoon, 95' down. Marked a lot of fish!
  23. Thought I'd fish Canadice Lake as I hadn't in a few years. Weather was great but the fish weren't cooperating. Fished from 8:ooam till noon, trolling the entire perimeter of the lake, and didn't move a rod! Tried casting the shallows for a while and caught and released 2 Bass Marked very few fish so maybe they were where I wasn't!!
  24. My grandson & I fished the South end out of Woodville from 8:30 till 2:00. Had a banner day!! While fishing west side, we were 6 for 6 on LT by 10:45. 3 were taken on Spindoctor and green fly with a #1 Dipsy and wire line out 200' Two more were taken 80' down on an NK The last was on a dodger and green fly with Dipsey and fireline, also out 200'. As we now had our limit of Lakers, I ran every rod higher, 40' to 60', in search of RT or LLS. We caught 2 beauties, one 20" and another 24", both Rt & on watermelon spoons! On top of that, the weather was just awesome and we didn't see more than ten other boats.
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