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  1. I haven’t tried it myself yet this year, but last Thursday evening I saw an 18’ aluminum launch there.

    Last I checked, there was 4’+ from the top of the launch to the surface of the water. I’m not sure how that effects things.

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  2. Thanks for the pics of the launches - I agree, I don't think Henderson will work for my boat either (similar size/style to yours). I had been thinking I'll be using East launch at Sackets b/c at least that's deeper... but I think the cement ending will be an issue there too.
    FWIW, Re: IJC... the GL region from Huron to Ontario has had 2 consecutive seasons of low precipitation (Last summer and Winter) and likely a third, this Spring. All of the great lakes are low or way below averages for this time of year.
    IJC has been bone headed and needs to be changed, but this isn't their fault. It's just Mother Nature.

    I can’t even imagine what Sackets looks like. Gotta be 4 feet from berm to water. Not good.

    Good luck all. Keep us posted. Thanks.

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  3. Great news ! I got the boat out of storage ! Earliest I can remember.




    Bad news ! I checked out the launches at Henderson and Stony. The water level is so low, I don’t know if I’ll be able to launch.


    Stony Creek



    I wanted to take a picture of the north side of the launch, but there were two kayakers about to get into a fist fight, so I passed on that pic.


    Henderson is terrible as well. Probably 5-6 feet lower than last year ( although last year was flood conditions)






    I think you’ll probably be able to see the end of the concrete ramp in this pic. It’s even with the shadow of the pole.




    Even if you were able to launch, it would be a 3’ drop from the top of the launch, to the top of the gunnels.


    I’m going to start the impeachment process to remove whoever is on the IJC, and try and get them replaced with some folks that know what they are doing.






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  4. Another method to maintaining the incredible Tiger fishing on Otisco is to ask Dave Figura to stop posting pictures every few days of all the trophy fish killed by ice fishermen.


    Dougs fish fry is only a few miles away from that lake, and the fish from Dougs taste much, much better.


    One of the folks interviewed for today’s article describes the Tigers as “ not bad eating “. Sounds if he’s choking the fillet down.


    His latest kill photo.






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