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  1. Go here for more details on contact info https://syracuse.craigslist.org/spo/d/cicero-brown-trout-lures-smithwick/6884066035.html
  2. Initially, I thought about just getting another basic unit to replace my ailing 10 year old Garmin 240 Blue. Humminbird has a monochrome that also has Down imaging Humminbird® 581i HD DI Sonar/GPS Combo or the Lowrance® Elite-5 DSI Sonar with GPS for about 400. Staying with MonoChrome is no biggie - my eyes are still good and it's worked fine for 10 years, so color isn't a functional improvement, but that side imaging... that really interests me but that also means stepping up in price/functionality. Here's my summary of research so far. I've read many forum posts about who likes DI vs SI, and mostly those with experience use DI mostly but SI is great for getting to know new water quickly. Since I don't fish a lot, getting to know water quickly is valuable. So far the features that interest me in order of importance: A reasonable price to feature ratio 2D See structure and fish Ability to watch vertical jigging (as a friend demo'd on his HDS 5) Mark spots on a map (ideally Add/manage/delete spots and tracks on computer) SI - review water faster and mark interesting spots DI - greater detail on what's down there Expandable Chart Capabilities Video input (LW 9 Insight) Make my own maps ---- Great feature, but not relevant for me ---- i-link with MinnKota trolling motors (HB) Also, which manufacturer... Humminbird vs Lowrance. I've read quite a bit and seen the staunch advocates on each side. Somewhere in the reading someone likened the debate to Ford vs. Chevy, which is probably about right. I came away with the general perception that HB's learning curve is easier compared to LW, but LW offered more flexibility and maybe (though hotly contested) better sonar readings. HB seemed to provide better customer support, but there are reports LW is trying to catch up in this area. From my own observations, LW also costs more when comparing feature set to feature set. So I went to Bass Pro Shops in Auburn. By far, the coolest ones were the LW touch series, 9-12. Fast, sleek, and with every feature on my wish list, sorta. For 2400.00 bucks you can get the base model, but only the 2700 bundle gets you the Side Imaging feature. That touch screen however, is fantastic - I could have played with it for hours. Humminbird's 9 series lacks the video input (but does have video output) and lacks that incredible touch screen, but has a much lower price point - 1500.00 (and apparently a hack for custom maps). That amount will still dip into my beer budget for a long time but my waist and fishing will probably benefit from it - assuming I pull the trigger. So far Old Blue streaks and all is still on the boat. What do you guys use? What features to use most or like best?
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