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  1. I guess there was a charter captain from the rochester area that brought his clients and ther fish from Rochester to Henderson...enterd them and won and took several places in the Laketrout division and won the brown trout division.
  2. The reason your having problems is because of ethanol. Its a new gasoline additive. Last year I had to change my fuel filters several times because of the crap the etanol picked up in my tanks.
  3. I thought the reason the forkies were stocked a couple of years ago was due to a power outage....and the fact they didn't have a back-up source of electricity. Not disease. The problem with the NYSDEC as I see it as its lost sight its original purpose...managing and promoting fish & game for the states outdoorsman. Its too big and too concerned over apeasing special environmental extreme issues that the downstate politicians seem to have.
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