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  1. I'm with tbromund on this one. My problem is it's 2 and a half hour drive to the Oak so the turkeys get most of my attention.
  2. Yup.... Thats my oddest catch.. Should have seen to look on the face of the 4 year old that was on the boat. He looked totaly confused!
  3. Was nice to finaly shake down the boat with the brand new motor!! Runs awsome. As PSII said it was a great day to be out and the smile on the little guys face was what made the trip. Oh yeah and the look on his face when the seagull came on the boat..... The gull didn't fight as much as I had thought it would when it was on the line. But once on the boat it fought!! That or it didn't like Tim!! Only down fall for this year is Tim's days off changed so now I am partnerless
  4. Do you think i could get my 22 footer in there with out a dock? Or do you or anyone else know where there is a launch with the docks in yet?? Thanks, RY
  5. Ben, Where did you launch from? I want to make it out this week with my boat and i will need a launch with a dock. A week and a half ago when PSII and I were up there the docks wern't in yet. Though with his boat we were able to get in without one. Good job on the fish and hope you have just as good of a trip, if not better, on sunday. I hope to hammer then on tuesday or wednesday! thank, RY
  6. L&M.... I didn't mean any disrespect or anything by my post! I was just making an observation from what i saw. No snow on the ground, no snow banks, and all the creeks were low and clear. Does look like there will be some more this weekend.......
  7. You forgot that the lady at the south shore RV place is full of it..... The only snow on the ground was that, that has been in the shade and left over snow banks! Must be the Easter bunny brought her something REALLY good......
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