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  1. RodBuster, We were the ones coming in as you were going out. We caught 18 with the biggest being 10lbs. my son caught a 6 pounder so it was a great day! All LL salmon with one laker. Cant wait to splash the Redneck Yacht this year and get out on Ontario!!
  2. First and formost, ITS A BOY!! August 30th is the due date! Now then back to the fishing..... Shook down the ol' Redneck Yacht out of sodus today. Boat ran great and we even caucht some fish! went 5 for 6 all off boards the black and gold rapala and the jointed brown trout did most of the work for us. Fish were between 7 to 14FOW. Three browns, a coho, and one steelie. My buddy from PA landed a 6lb brown and I thought for sure is was going to have a stroke! He said it was the biggest brown he'd ever seen, and thats when my 6 year old piped up and said "I'v caught them way bigger then that Rob." Wasn't bad for only four hours of fishing before the doctors appt..... "Redneck" Ray
  3. No problem Carl!! I can't wait to do it again for ya. Shanken' down the Redneck Yacht in the A.M. I'll give y'all a report. I also find out if Jess and I are having a boy or a girl tomarrow...... "Redneck" Ray
  4. Thinking for heading up there rather Tuesday or next Tuesday! Are the docks in at the state launch yet? If not where would be a good place to but in at? I have a 22ft starcraft Islander....... Thanks Y'all!
  5. It was out pleasur Tyler! Thanks for coming along and hopefuly we can get back out again! I know tommy will love it.....
  6. One on my favorit players, Jody Roberson, plays or played for them. I fallow AHL, UHL, and now ECHL. I will be Fishing out of the Oak Oarchard From Sunday till Tuesday maybe wendesday this week and next with my father. There will be room so send me a PM. Just be warned that my 5yo son will be with us and he is a HUGE hockey fan and playes for the Elmira Misquitos. So he might end up your mew best friend!!
  7. might also help if you told us how you are going to play for....
  8. I was out praving the seas at the oak yeasteday. Surface temp wasy anywhere from 41 to 43!!! went 7 and a half miles out to find 56. good fishing out there but the waved were 6 to 8ft and some a bit bigger.....
  9. Had the same problem at the Binghamton store yesterday. Couldn't find anyone in the fishing department so i hunted someone down and he told me he would send the fishing guy right over. After about 20 minuts.... still no one and the guy I asked to find someone for me, was just standing at the front of the store doing nothing!!! Went in search of someone else and found three workers just clowing around. Low and behold one of them was the guy that was supposed to be in the fishing section working! I asked him if they had anymore Michagin Stingers out back and he had no idea what I was talking about. When I showed him what they were he said he didn't think so and didn't even go back to look. I put all the things I was going to buy back and, drove over to Dick's. They had everything I was looking for. Gander also didn't have to many spoons to chose from either. They only had about 10 different flavors of NK's to choose from and a limited amount of everything else.
  10. yeah, yeah Bish we all know you put more miles on that boat then i put on my Ram....... But hey you are one of the best after all.... (how did I do buttering up?)
  11. Hey hey Carl, I might be a redneck and all but its going to take a lot more then that to stop me from working for what I want. And even if I couldn't walk I could always drive your boat for ya.... Oh, and Tim, I still haven't seen any numbers! If i get enough I'll buy you a new pool and have the deck built for you. Then you can have the Redneck Yacht and I'll buy that 31' baja. Or maybe a nice 29' aqua sport that just sets at the dock at the oak........
  12. Now that I am all gimmped up and have the week off..... Anyone want to go fishing??? I'd ask PSII but he his gounded for at leat a week or two....
  13. Launched at servern about 6a.m. Would have been sooner but my cranking battery was dead and I had to take the battery out of my truck to get out. Lake was pretty choppy when we left but it laid down as the day went on. Set up in in a 150fow started to make alot of bait and fish in the 40ft range so I brought my stuff up from 85 to 40 and sent a Seth Green rig out. Just before we got to long point we took a 18inch laker, after missing several. We worked around to point and back several times picking up 5 more lakers. They all came between 38 and 46 feet down on Williams dartee(sp) spoons. Did take one laker off the rig rod that was 28". the rest were all about 18". Was a nice day to be out and we ended the trip at about 1130.
  14. Need to pick up a map chip for my GPS its a Garmen C178. Anyone know where i might be able get one??
  15. A salmon river guide told me that they are a cross between a steelhead and a king. Anyone else heard that? Kinda looked like it could be right, body of a steelie and fins of a king...... Ray
  16. season ended 2 for 3. With two nice longbeards, ons had a 9" beard and the other had a 9 3/4". The thrid.... well lets just say that tree isn't going to get in anyone elses was again...... First, second,
  17. The little Redneck... He's getting big enough now he doesn't want, or need, daddys help reeling anymore That sucks because it usualy the olny way i get to reel in fish when he's on the boat. Had a great time and day with PSII also!! Very nice port. Lets hope all the pen rearing works up there too....
  18. Oh I forgot.... 9 inch beard, 1 1/4" spurs and was 22.8 lbs
  19. Coin langed on tails so the fish were safe for the day. However the turkeys weren't. Got in a group if toms in the roost, called then right into my buddys lap and he missed! After so ripping on him about that we headed off to another field where the brids went to. There was no way to cross the road without being seen by them when i looked over and saw a 24" sluse pipe!?! cralwed threw the pipe and up a creek but couldn't get them any closer then 70 yards. When the went out of site we cralwed acrossed the wet grass for about 45 yards and stopped next to a bush. Made one call and had a hen so close to my head i could almost smell the acorns on her breath. she went by and the ol' tom fallowed. thrity yards away and strutting. Came out of strut for a second, big mistake, he never will strut again. Now that I have one under my belt its off to Fair Haven on wednesday!!
  20. Started my turkey fix this morning in PA. Some guy saw to scaring the 6 different birds I had comming in. Then I had to shoot a coyote that thought I was dinner. Going to given heck in NY on tuesday and then if I can find a fishing partner, it back to hughs or sodus on wednesday. Good luck to y'all, RY
  21. Don't know who makes it but it called a Puerto Rican. Cought a nice steelhead on it out there Wednesday.
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