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  1. Thank you to all for the comments and pics. Momay - Thank you for the information regarding the ducer location, and cool pic with the cement boat behind you! I agree about the boat, it really does a good job. I wish the cockpit was a bit wider and the fish boxes are one step below useless, but otherwise no real complaints. We will probably mount the tracks this weekend, and maybe the new GPS unit too.
  2. Thank you for the picture and thoughts EarlyRiser. It looks like the track starts about at the R in Trophy and progresses back. Do you find the net gets in the way that far back? I have been keeping the net in a rail mount holder. Both riggers are mounted on the corners already, and I don't plan on moving those. They have been working out for OK for us.
  3. The long winter has resulted in some UPS deliveries with new toys for the boat. I am looking for suggestions and experience with locations and other set-up. I think I have my plan down, but any input is appreciated. For the last two years, we have run two riggers and two divers. Typically just me and dad, and it is the right amount of lines to take care of. We do throw in lead core down the chute from time to time. We have two Tite-Loks that we run the divers in. No issues so far - I make sure they are tightened often, but I was ready to not lean over the gunwales to pulll and set rods. The Trophy has a lowish gunwale height, so I picked up two 18" Cannon tracks on Pedestals, and two Cannon ratcheting holders (single axis). I will retrofit the tite-loks to fit the tracks as well (probably not for diver service, just storage or shallow water program). Does anyone have any experience with how far toward the stearn they put their holders on a similar boat? Having the flexibility with the tracks will be nice to get it tuned. The dog-house on these boats takes up a lot of deck space. I also need to be mindful of boarding the boat, and keeping the stearn cleats accessible. When we picked up the boat, it had circa 2000 sonar and GPS independent units. GPS update is SLOW and sonar never show fish, bait, or the rigger balls. So, we bought a Lowrance HDS5 Gen2 as well. I run an HDS8 on my bassboat, so I am familiar with the technology. I am just looking for optimum transducer placement. My experience is with bassboat hulls, and the Trophy is different. It does have trim tabs too. It just seems like there will be a lot of disturbance back there. Can anyone show a picture of where they located their transducer? How does it work? As far as the mechanical installation, I will use backer plates, epoxy any drilled holes, and 3M marine grade sealant anywhere else. Am I missing anything? Thanks for all the help. Bill
  4. Welcome to the dark side Fred! When I came back to Rochester, dad and I decided to get back into the salmon game. So I juggle between bass fishing and trolling for salmonoids. We haven't added down temp yet, but it is on the list. We run a pretty simple 4 rod program, with two divers, two riggers, cheaters on both riggers. Last year the divers took more than half of our fish. Later in the year the divers with flasher/flies were the ticket. We will probably head out of IBay this weekend. Shoot me a PM if you are gonna be out, we can share horror stories! Bill
  5. Interesting... Hope you can get them all now. Enjoying the reports as always.
  6. More dropped diver fish!! Crank those drags down and stick em! Still beats work any day.
  7. It is painful for us schmucks reading to hear about all the lost diver fish. I can't imagine what it's like for you! Get the next big one in the boat!
  8. Agreed. Will add that tow boat us is a no brainer as far as I'm concerned. If I never need it, even better. I waste the yearly fee on all kinds of stupid stuff weekly!
  9. Fish still bite. Wind report is wrong more often than not. Saturday noaa said light southwest. Blew north east.
  10. Yeah... Issue was on the discharge side, and no visible water coming in, and I had a decent repair, and a spare pump on clips and hoses, figured why not!!! When I opened the doghouse, coast guard phone number was on my mind! Picker factor=high. Ended up with one more steel on the rigger. As a side note, the corrugated bilge pump hoses on those boats are one step ahead of useless.
  11. Sorry for the x and z. Realized I had the wrong thread up when I was updating my report.
  12. 75 rigger took a hit again. Was busy bringing in diver rod and missed it. Thumped pretty good though!
  13. Steelhead 75 rigger green glow frog spoon. Last steelhead was 5 feet out of the water 3 times!
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