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  1. Find the boats and you will find people asking the same question...
  2. Agree, it is a great cause that all of us have had the pleasure to reap the rewards from recently. What's a few less lures... Sent from my DROID4 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Carl may be interested. He is missing a reel on his starboard side.
  4. Congrats on your new love. This is a great boat, had the pleasure to fish on her for the Fair Haven Challenge.
  5. Anyone have any information for this? Appreciate it.
  6. Nice to see you are keeping it to the surrounding counties and not open to the entire lake. Should make for a more interesting/fair tourney. Heck, anyone can charter a boat at the oak and whack majors....
  7. Coming up from Swiftwater, PA. So who will drive the furthest for Sunday's event? I wouldn't make the trip, nothing good to be had
  8. unfortunately the question is where is next...
  9. Damn, I wish I knew sooner. I still have been targeting the 300fow... SCREWY LOUIE'S PHOTOS and REPORTS Fishing has been spotty. Looking for trout and salmon in about 100 - 300 feet of water. Pan fishing has been doing well.
  10. Gray Fox is spot on. Depth Raider is a great tool but don't get too caught up with temp when you are marking fish. This is when knowing your down speed helps alot. When there are no marks to be seen, the Depth Raider brings you to where they at least "should be"...
  11. Oh, to have money. If you like aluminums Hewe's crafts are looking like mighty too much as well. http://www.hewescraft.com/
  12. I haven't been up in a few weeks but the word has been SLOW. That's funny, don't we all "want to catch them a few fish in the couple days we're there".... Good luck!
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