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  1. Caught 7 Friday and 4 nice ones Saturday all on harnesses. Smokes creek to seneca. Late morning bite for us. Best one was about 6 lb. Pulled lines about noon Saturday to beat ramp traffic.
  2. I suggest you post this on the Florida Sportsman board in the East Central section. You will need to join to post but it is free and easy
  3. Great report. Interestingly, we fished Friday and zoned in on pretty much the exact same program you described with the same results. We kept 5 of the nice eaters.
  4. Mountain Man in Kendall has done some nice work for me. Paul Czarnecki (Free Spirit) does some AMAZING mounts
  5. I have done well at all different times of day, and against conventional wisdom have caught some real nice eyes in the middle of a calm sunny day. Anytime you can get out is a good time to fish for them
  6. you are not "one of those guys" if your boat driver is not cutting the line waiting for a dock
  7. I agree, having a guy on board you can drop at the guest dock to go get the truck does not give you the right to jump ahead of other boats, wait your turn like everyone else.
  8. Yea I trim em real good so I am just left with nice white meat. Even the little guys get the lateral cut out to get rid of that small set of bones
  9. I hauled just before that guy went in. You see this too often now days. I call it the "nobody else in the world but me" syndrome.
  10. Yes the biggest difference I notice between a 3 pounder and a 9 is.... The 9 has a lot more meat!
  11. I had larger boats kept at marinas for years. The last one had twin big block gas guzzlers and was a complete time vampire due to all the maintenance required. I experienced every frustration you have experienced with marinas and probably more over the course of 20 years of slip kept boats. It got to the point that while I could afford it, it simply was not worth it. So in 2006 I ordered my 23 Steiger Miami that I have trailered ever since. Best move ever. I do ALL the upkeep on the boat including engine. All very easy if you are mechanical and get the shop manual. Big benefit is I now fish Erie and Ontario regularly, and may even take the boat to FL to use as my offshore boat. Having a boat in a slip is a great but comes at a price (both financial and hassle) For me keeping my boat on a trailer in my barn makes me much happier, and I will rent slips at Olcott and Buffalo SBH for a few days to a week at a time when the fishing is hot.
  12. I hate to get eloquent, but NYS can S my D, I'm gone.
  13. Yea I am incredibly happy with the Steiger 23, now fishing my 6th season on it. Fishes both lakes great, tons of fishing room and very economical to run. I can do an offshore trip out of Olcott to the 30 line fish all day run back and have a total burn of 14 gallons! Here is a link to some pics of it on the hull truth: http://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-out ... -23-a.html
  14. Yep that was/is me. Glad I sold that gas hog when I could. LOL... I fish wilson every spring and remember motoring by wishing I had one - on my Bucket list. Was it a diesel of gas? Either way I can imagine it sucked a ton of fuel being as heavy as it is. It was gas, volvo 8.1 engines which are junk IMO, in 3 years blew 1 head gasket, siezed 1 bottom end, and had numerous sensor and wiring problems. The CC28 is a great boat in a head sea but basically sucks for anything else such as drifting or trolling parallel to the waves. the great lakes short period waves will get it rocking so bad you can't even stand up. I consider my 23 Steiger Miami an upgrade for the type of fishing I do.
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