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  1. SOLD. Selling an older Champion Blue Ribbon Outboard Motor. I think from the 1940’s or 1950’s? In generally good condition, looks like all the parts are there but I believe the piston is locked in place. Further checking, piston is OK. Propeller shaft components stuck. Lower unit aluminum housing has small crack. Serial number is: 2K200382 Price lowered to $40.00. Located in Ontario, NY. Phone 315-524-2626 Please ask if you have any questions or want more pictures. Thanks.
  2. W.W.IV, That's good that the gulls and fisherman didn't see them.. Hope they get out in the lake and start feeding and get BIG so us guys can catch 'em. Thanks for the info. Jolly 1
  3. Would like to add a note or two on those rainbows that were put in the Irondequoit Bay Outlet. Those were 10,000 domestic rainbows (which I believe are from Finger Lakes brood stock) and not Pacific Steelheads. They look the same, difference is in their spawning habits and parentage. Those rainbows were intended to be stocked off Lake Road (near Salt Road) in Webster on private property directly in the lake at the old Joe Abraham site. Two reasons for putting those rainbows there: directly in the lake so they are not imprinted to any tributary and away from fisherman who can do a job on them just catching and releasing. The lake was too rough with northwest wind and putting them directly in the lake would have many of the fish washed up on the rocks. The guys from the hatchery truck called Avon DEC for an alternate site and the decision was made to put them in at the IB Outlet. I think a better place would have been Hughes Marina just east of Pultneyville where the stocking site is protected from north west winds and Mrs. Hughes and Cec keep an eye on anyone trying to fish for them. I was to meet the hatchery trucks at the Joe Abraham site but was not able to be there. Tomorrow, Friday May 14th, I will be meeting two trucks from the Altmar hatchery that will have 22,860 brown trout. Conditions should be good for putting those directly in the lake. I have been helping DEC with brown and rainbow trout stocking at this site for more than 30 years. My son, known as Jolly 2 (aka Chris Jolliff) used to watch and help before he was old enough to go to school. Chris is 37 now. It's a great place to put the fish in as long as the comorants aren't around and most have passed thru by now. Jolly 1.
  4. That's great news. Say Hi to him from another ex-Xeroid. Bill Jolliff
  5. Thanks again for all the nice words and comments on my brother Tom. Chris (Jolly 2) and I sincerely appreciate them. Bill Jolliff (Jolly 1)
  6. Thanks everyone for your kind words. Chris (Jolly 2) and I sincerely appreciate them. Bill Jolliff
  7. My brother Tom Jolliff, died suddenly and unexpectedly on Monday evening February 14th at his home in Cape Vincent. Tom was 76 years old. I’m sure some of you may have known Tom, especially if you’ve been fishing Lake Ontario since the fishery began in the late 1960s when Tom and Bill Pierce started the Lake Ontario salmon program. 23 of his last 30 years with NYSDEC were devoted to Lake Ontario. He retired about 20 years ago but Lake Ontario was still his first passion spending many hours in the spring, summer and fall for trout and salmon and the winter for perch through the ice. Through his efforts with the Jefferson County Fishery Advisory Board, he argued for and was able to exempt the 50 perch limit for yellow perch in Jefferson County. The only county bordering Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and tributaries without a creel limit for perch. An avid fisherman from our very youngest years growing up in Dansville, NY right to the end when just a week before he died, went ice fishing on Chaumont Bay for perch. An avid bow hunter, wood cutter and gardener with weekly rounds of golf thrown in during the summer. His many friends and family will miss him dearly but will never forget him. Especially my son Chris Jolliff, known on this forum as Jolly II, who will always have a special place in his heart for Uncle Tom. For additional information: http://www.watertowndailytimes.com/arti ... 62/-1/obit Bill Jolliff, aka Jolly 1
  8. Joe, If you live any where around Ontario or Webster, NY, you can get them from B and E Tackle. Or from me directly. I'm sure some of the other area tackle dealers have them but not sure which ones. I make them and always willing to help fishermen get the releases if not available where you live. I can mail them to you or you can stop by the house and pick them up. Or as I mentioned, Pat at B and E has them. I charge $9.00 for a 6 pack. If you want them mailed, include $1.50 per package for postage. That includes sales tax. Message me back at [email protected] or give me a call: 315-524-2626 if I can help. Thanks for your interest. Bill Jolliff
  9. My son Chris, aka Jolly II, spent the morning with one of his buddies off Durand in The Jolly Boat. They were 7 for 7 on chinooks: 3 shakers, 2 around 5#, 1 about 15# and the last one about 17#. They were in about 40 feet of water. He took some neat video and digital shots. I suspect he will give more details when he gets access to the internet. Jolly 1.
  10. Ray, Thanks for the nice words. Glad you like those JOLLY'S. Bill Jolliff
  11. Father of Jolly II . . . . I've often visited your very informative and useful website but have not reponded to any of the subjects. Thought I'd best register and contribute if and when I can. I have been an avid fisherman for all but the first 4 or 5 years on my current 70 years, fishing with my brother Tom Jolliff, 2 years older than me, starting when we were kids growing up in Dansville, NY. Actually Cumminsville, a suburb of Dansville, in nearby Canaseraga Creek. Been fishing Lake Ontario ever since my brother Tom and Bill Pearce started the DEC LO salmon program back in the mid 1960's. I especially liked the early brown trout fishing in my 14' Mirrocraft Deep Fisherman in March and April. As soon as my son Chris, known here as Jolly II, was able to go several hours without pooping his pants, I got him out fishing with me. He was about 4 years old when I first took him out under good lake conditions after school/work and weekends. So Jolly II has seen a few hours on the lake. He has mated for several of the LO charter captains and I think he may have picked up a technique or two that he has found successful. I liked that early BT fishing and discovered that the use of side planers was quite effective and more productive than just flat lining off the back of the boat, especially when fishing alone. I started using Yellow Birds but found they were cumbersome when fishing alone so I adapted it to use it with a separate tow line and came up with a funky but effective line release made from some wire, a nut and bolt, two washers and two rubber pads. It worked pretty good so I made some for my brother Tom who liked the early BT fishing. Then I improved it some and made it look less funky and made quite a few and started selling them. I called it a Jolly Release for Side Planers. Some of you side planer fisherman may have used them or have heard of them. I've been making them for 25 years beginning in 1982. Have made and sold about 200,000 of them. And still make and sell a few of them to whoever wants or needs them, including replacement rubber pads. Any way, that's me. My brother Tom still fishes with zest. He still lives in the Cape Vincent area where the LO trout and salmon program started. I'm sure he would really enjoy this forum but he doesn't do computers. And he's kinda' stubburn so not likely to change. That's too bad because even tho he has been retired for more than 15 years from DEC, he still has a very enthusiastic interest in what's going on with the LO fishery and is somewhat displeased with some of the things that have happened. Thanks for having me on your forum. Bill Jolliff Ontario, NY
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