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  1. I fished from 9am to 330 Sunday. I took one fish at 3pm. Saw lots of fish in the 40-50 ft range. I just could not get them to go. I swear I marked 150+ fish. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Fished from 830am till 600pm. 1 fish. Covered water from 120 to 65 ft. Spoons, dodger Flys, spin doctor Flys. Alot of fish in the 65 to 70 ft range. Saw ton of bait in the 90ft range. I had all dodger setup on two riggers, two dipseys. Saw alot of fishing coming off the bottom coming up to the fly and going back to the bottom. So I Changed to spin doctor setup and finally triggered one to hit at 4pm right in front of the salmon river in 65ft of water. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I was out on this past sunday... 1 brown and three smallies.. Brown came over 12 ft of water. stick bait.. Came around 6:15am. Did not got deep.. deepest I went was 30 ft.. saw alot of marks in the 17ft ranger.. put the riggers down and put some deep diving thundersticks on.. Thats when we got some smallmouths.. Good luck.. Launched out of mexico and trolled towards nine mile and back..
  4. Dude right there with ya.. I caught some fish today but it was tough for me..compared to some of the people I heard on the radio.. Started the day off in about 80ft of water in front of the salmon river.... Got set up around 7 or so... Trolled until about 8:00 for Our first bite.. Off the rigger 95fow down 86 on the rigger.. White Glow Pro troll with echip, white fly.. Nice 23lb king.. minutes after landing that one My dipsy set on 2 with braided line.. back 275 goes off.. Thought it was a good one. Dipsey never released on the 5lb brown... Sent back to fight again. That came on a Spin Doctor white with green dots and hammer fly.. Thought this was going to be a good day compared to yesterday(ONLY 1 HIT ON FOR 30Sec for 7 hours of trolling).. Stayed in that 95 ft of water and nothing for me.. Heard alot of people catching fish but could do anything more.. Changed the setup 20 times.. still nothing.. went out to 145 fow and back.. as we started coming back in from deeper water we hit 104 ft of water. which was around 12:45. Downrigger fires. Trashcan Dodger with hammer fly/ back 8ft behind the ball fires up.. 16lb king.. 104 fow Down 105.. Got set back up.. Dipsy starts screaming.. Braided line, Set on 2 back 300ft. Blue green spindoctor with hammer fly goes It tore some line off and bang THE FLY BROKE!!!!!!! Must have had a bad loop knot!!!!!!!! As I lay the rod down to fix it. Another rigger same water 100 fow down 105 fires up. Trashcan Dodger with hammer fly/ 23lb king... Then it was time for me to get going.. What I can say I did all wrong this morning was I wasnt down deep enough that first king tricked me.. Should have put the riggers down more .. 2.4 for my downspeed... Temp ranged from anywhere from 45 to 54... Hope this helps a little... Chris The Georgia Kay..
  5. Went out sunday for the first time this year.. NADA for us.. Saw a couple of fish caught next to us in 100-130 ft of water out in front of the dunes. 95ft of cable out to reach the temp zone.... Hopefully it will get better!!!!!!!!!!! Steelhead3
  6. Thanks todd, I will give you a call on sunday.. if your out there.. Looks like it going to be an ok day to fish out there on sunday.. waves 1ft or less.. So we will see how the shakedown cruz goes.. Chris The Georgia Kay
  7. Im launching out of mexico Pt.. I was wondering for those that have been fishing.. Would you had for the mouth of the salmon river or would you head for catfish creek.. I have a couple of guys from work going with me this weekend and I would like to get them into a couple of fish.. THanks for the help!!!!!!!!!
  8. I had a good weekend on the dipseys. 5 for 7.. #1 dipsy with ring.. 155ft back on #2 setting.. From the dipsy I had Green dot spin doctor/atomic hammer fly 6ft back which took 5 of the hits.. and another spin doctor atomic 42nd combo 8ft back from the dipsy..which took the other two hits.. fly leader lengths 22-23 inches. Im not sure if it was the color or the 2 feet that made the difference.. But it seems it might have... cuz I did change up the color on the 42nd and kept the 8ft leader and no results from it.. Riggers where down anywhere from 44 to 65 ft down back 10 to 50ft.. Kept changin them up cuz they just washed the lures all day long..it worked pretty good for me.. No tangles problems... I made my passenger a believer in the dipsey.. Once you learn to run them the work good.. I have not gone to the copper yet.. Im using fireline.. Good luck Chris The Georgia Kay.. Mexico Pt..
  9. Didnt do to bad.. went 5 for 6 on browns and 1 gobie... All fish came over 70 to 80 ft of water...speed 2.4 at the ball.. First fish came on the downrigger 60ft down, 30 ft behind the ball on a DW glow frog which was 4ft behind a chrome mooch dodger... Next came on the clear slide diver set back 250 ft and on number 2. The diver was 30 ft in front of a dirty white boy stinger.. Put the slider back out couple minutes later it was acting funny.. got it in.. .. a gobie!!!!!!!!!!! Next fish game on the rigger 69 down 30 back, NBK sliver back stinger... 60 ft rigger fired up again had him on for for a sec and lost him during the rod transfer to my partner.. last two fish came on the slider diver same set up as before... No big browns all 4lbs or so.. Have to thank Jekyll showing me the run around on those slide divers.. Put three fish in the box for me today.. THANKS...
  10. Yes.. thanks again For a great time... Enjoyed the whole day... always fun to catch some fish and meet new people... We will have to do it again Jeykll
  11. I went out of mexico in front of the salmon river on wed.. 2 for 3.. but I had no hits until 12:00 in started at 6:30.. started in 40ft.. worked my way out to 70 and back, alot of boats left.. so I went into 20 ft of water and had 3 on in 45minutes.. and that was it.. I think if I went in there earlier I would of had a good day.... two on J plugs 5 ft down on the rigger... and 1 off a spoon 12 ft down on the rigger... all 100+ft behind the ball good luck if you go trolling
  12. How much can ya eat... YOu get one nice king and thats a meal.. The only time I keep fish if people want them.. And Myself I dont want them... So I through back most of my fish.. first of all I have to catch a fish in order to even think about keepin it.... Its not a hard decision when the net never hits the water
  13. I got out today that was the best thing i guess... Started early.. on the water and set up before 6.. Set up around 50ft of water.. wasnt marking any bait.. went into about 40 to 30.. marked bait down 20 ft... trolled that for the next few hours with nothing to show for it... went to the bouey line in front of nine mile nothing.. decided to head out.. got to 90 feet of water and We hooked up on a 4-5 lb steelie.. Cant tell ya how deep The spoon was.. I was using a big jon mini diver. .says it dives to 30 ft.. but I think thats straight down.. Changed it so it went to the right.. like a 2 1/2 setting on a dipsy.. Spoon about 6 ft back of the diver... 180ft back.. I was happy it went off.. fist time trying that... will have to do it again.. Boated and Released... That was it.. 10:00 decided to pick up and go for smallies... We caught 10 bass in about 1 1/2.. kinda slow on the bass too.. Anyone else have any luck on the browns on Saturday..
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