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  1. kiowalleye

    Oneida Bite

    Anything happening? Last week the weeds were god awful. Could not keep the lures clean. Wondered if it was any better this week
  2. kiowalleye

    1st Walleye trip after Iraq this Friday!!!

    The main reason you see fish 15-19 on the Columbia is we are allowed to fish prespawn. We get em big in fall as well, but big hens put on 2 pounds in eggs alone. I have got a few fish over ten in the same day, but not like the q or even pidgeon/charity when its hot. The local tribes get upwards of $13 a pound for walleye meat as opposed to 3-4 for salmon/steelhead so they have moved their efforts onto the eyes there. The fishery has taken a turn for the south in the last 5 years.
  3. kiowalleye

    1st Walleye trip after Iraq this Friday!!!

    Orange Belly, Where on the O? From what i understood, most of the fish make runs to quinte for the winter. I would fish out at the Pidgeon/charity shoals til Sep, but thought those fish would move off. Got my life crushed on oneida today, fish everywhere but would not bite. Super bummer. But hey, I was in my boat so its all good.
  4. kiowalleye

    1st Walleye trip after Iraq this Friday!!!

    Nice fish man. I have a Ranger like that one in Oregon. But mines green. I am getting out of the army in April and moving home so I am selling the Lund here in NY. going to quinte here on 19-24 NOV with two of my Uncles from Chicago.
  5. Finally back since the latest vacation to the big beach with no water. Got back to Drum this past Saturday. Planned to hit Oneida that Sunday with my daughter, but got to the SECURE STORAGE LOT ON A ARMY POST and found that my Kicker was stolen off my Lund. So if anybody sees a 5hp Tohatsu 4-stroke with a sticker on it from some Alaska dealership, kick the new owner square in the man jewels. But thanks to him I was able to upgrade. Going to Oneida on Friday to test everything out and make sure boat is ready for Quinte in NOV. Aaron
  6. kiowalleye

    New Pfd Law

    Not a bad law. You go in at that time of year, 5 minutes and you die. I already wear mine for late fall oneida trips and up in quinte. I bought the automatic inflatable ones to wear for tournaments and they are so slim you forget you even have it on. Might as well give yourself every chance at survival.
  7. kiowalleye

    Walleyes out of HH

    IA Bowhunter, Best bet is to fish up by Charity/Pidgeon Island in Canada this time of year. I have caught fish out on Calf, but the Canadian waters are much better. I crushed them late July thru Turnover out there. Its the staging Quinte fish you will catch. Put in at Martins in Mud Bay and head NW.
  8. kiowalleye

    Picton Bay / Quinte

    If you go in the fall sponge you can get many more just like and bigger than that one. I'll be out of this sandbox and back home to Watertown Area in oct, Just in time time to make the 1 1/2 hour drive north to picton and commence crushing walleyes. I'll be up there 19 NOV thru 24 Nov for sure, as this is PRIME for fish like that and they bring their friends. With any luck the landshark will come too. Already got reservations at Merlands. Nice fish. Aaron
  9. kiowalleye

    Personal preference

    Boards for sure. Like the churchs as they have better clips on them out of the box. The offshores are great, but it takes about $20 of clips per board to make it work great. I think the church goes futher out as well on less line. Both handle core and snapweights well, and IMO riggers pretty much suck.
  10. kiowalleye

    1995 Lund Pro V 1775 SE

    3 Batteries come with it too.
  11. Good Condition 1996 Evinrude 60HP tiller with elec start trim and tilt 2003 Tohatsu 5HP 4 stroke kicker Garmin 498C GPS/sonar w/maps Vexilar Flasher 74PD 24v MinnKota Powerdrive Bowmount 4 Scotty Rodholders 3 Swivel Seats 2 Livewells with brand new pumps Single Axle Trailer $9750.00 OBO PM or call 315-405-5378 Aaron
  12. Kappy, We are talking about the Pidgeon Island/ Charity Shoal area of Lake Ontario out on the us/canadian line. Its about 12 miles from Cape Vincent NY
  13. Going to Pidgeon/Charity and need partner. Fishing has been really good, with the exception of the last 2 days. MUST HAVE CANADIAN LISCENSE AS MOST OF THE GOOD FISHING IS IN CANADA. Please PM for further details. Landshark, come thru for me buddy. Oh yeah the trip is on Sat or Sun whenever/
  14. kiowalleye

    St.Lawrence Walleyes?

    Go to Dark Island(Singer Castle) on the downstream side and fish the wreck there. I do really well there in the evenings. There is some old clorox bottles anchored to the wreck that the diving outfits use to locate it. Use heddon sonars or any other heavy vertical jig. If they are there they will bite. Oh by the way you want to launch at goose bay. Let me know how you do. If the walleyes wont bite the bass sure will.
  15. Any eyes showing up out there at Calf Island spit or surronding areas? The schools near the isthmus and grenadier seem to be gone as of last sunday with the bait. I figure they are on the main lake shoals, anybody know? Thanks Aaron