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  1. I am selling my sons 2003 Polaris Predator 90. Runs excellent, new starter & battery. Relocating so it needs to go! $775.00 OBO. I have it listed on CL for $825.00 315-778-6801 call or text
  2. I bought four for my wire rods toward the end of the season and absolutely love the gear ratio! Down side was the position of the line counter but I hold slightly higher now. I was either gonna buy the Tekota's or Saltist's and heard a lot of people on here that didn't like the drag washers on the Tekota's, I'm glad I chose the Saltist's, and the drags are Awesome!!! [ Post made via iPhone ]
  3. Shot this buck Sunday afternoon, I felt a little better sunday evening after shooting this buck after hitting and never recovering a bigger buck last friday. I was pretty down after taking a marginal shot on Friday and hitting and never recovering the buck, after tracking on several different properties, rain and the buck clotting, I never retrieved Fridays buck.
  4. Kooter, Nice report and great fish! I GF & I were up there as well Sunday & Monday. Sunday went 2-4 with two quick hits and no one home and then she catches a 21 & change nice male and as I set the rod back out we get another rip and she said take it, I had the fish take me out to 850 and I was getting a little nervous with just us two and I really wanted her to start pulling lines but with the amount of boats I kept her at the helm. I kept saying on how to net the fish as I thought it was a derby fish. Once I got it to 50 ft I was thinking this looks awful small for a 45 minute fight. At one point I couldnt budge this fish so I just took my time, as we get it close I see it looked as though it was foul hooked. Once she nets it(BTW-she did an excellent job, especially under the pressure I put on her) noticed I lassowed the fish and the double hook from the fly was not even hooked into the fish just around the line. I tail hooked this fish and cant believe he stayed on the whole time. We had a lot of laughs as I was a little pumped to get it in the boat and pack gear to go weigh in. Monday we fished until 11 with the big skunk-a-roonie! had one run but no one home. Used Saltist for the first time for my wire rods and am in love with them!!! Its so nice pulling rods at the end of the day and taking minimal time to pull. The drags are excellent and you can really dial in, just an excellent all around reel. Talked to a few guys out there this weekend and its hit and miss at the Oak so I dont feel as bad.
  5. I know a lot of charter boat captains from most of the ports around the lake, and NONE of them fit your description above, least of all Paul. He is actually one of the least self righteous or egotistical guys you'll ever meet and he certainly doesn't "hate" recreational fishermen. The fact that he gave good advise based on many years of experience got your undies in such a twist makes me think that you are the one with the super-sized ego. Tim Very well said Tim!!!!! I've had the pleasure of talking with Paul on a few occasions and he has been a stand up guy that offered helpful info while we are rec fisherman only up to the Oak for a few days. Ivan, let your ego go and enjoy the site, Paul is a great guy and no doubt tomorrow he would drop everything to help you out if you have boat issues [ Post made via iPhone ]
  6. Very nice winter ride Nick, a little envious as that is exactly what I'm looking for in my own winter rat to slay the LL's! Nice catch bud! [ Post made via iPhone ]
  7. WOW,WOW! What a PIG! Congrats Guys!!! You are the Mud chicken king! [ Post made via iPhone ]
  8. Vicarious, There was a discrepancy with the price of the wire that came in and the spool that was on the shelf last week so Yvonne made it right by knocking 10% off which was the price of wire that was on the shelf. I just wanted to clarify that. Extremely good people to deal with and when I get extremely good or bad customer service I usually let it be known. All my big purchases I will go through HVS first now! Thank HVS [ Post made via iPhone ]
  9. Make that 3 thumbs up for HVS! Had the lowest price on new saltist reels, ordered 4 and was called the next day that they were in. Went to buy wire for them and they only had 1 1000 ft spool left, they ordered and next day get another call that the wire is in. Had a question about the price of wire and Yvonne Knocks 10% off. Dan & Yvonne are excellent people to deal with and I will gladly Give them my business! Thanks Dan & Yvonne! [ Post made via iPhone ]
  10. Have fun at the track today and root for the 14 car! I will be in before 9 am tomorrow. Thanks! [ Post made via iPhone ]
  11. Gator, I remember when you posted that and wish I would have jumped on that because its a smokin deal you got! Although I am not getting that deal, HVS is giving a very good price, I was going to wait for the off season but there is still a lot of fishing left and would hate to lose a big fall LOC fish because of my sticky drags that need upgrading. Carl, I had looked at them as well and decided to go with the Saltist. The way your reports have been, it sounds like they are holding up just fine!!! Btw, thanks for all the reports, we usually go out of the oak and always look forward to the reports from you. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  12. I will be in to see you monday morning HVS, that is the 30 series & line counters, correct?Do you have bulk wire in stock, and if so what kind? Reading from your posts Rich is half the reason I am buying these, Thanks for putting me in the poor house! Quite the upgrade from the 47's.
  13. Going to be upgrading my wire reels (4)and have am going with Saltists from what I have read on here. I was in a toss between the Saltist and Tekota's but I have heard a few say they needed to upgrade drags on new Tekota's and also the gear ratio of the Saltist. Where is a good place to buy the reels, the cheapest I have found is $175-185 a piece for 30's and would like to see if anyone knows a place where they sell packs of 2 or 4 or give decent discounts when you buy four.
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