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  1. It's tough going when there's a load of bait around. The bait fish were jumping out of the water and the gulls were having a field day.
  2. Started fishing at 8am. Checked for fish at the end of the piers. Saw some good hooks in the 22' to 30' range in middle of the river channel. Picked up a 15# and a 22# King. Smaller fish on chinook diver/wire with green spoon and the larger fish on the DR 15' down...with a green ladder back spoon. Had to quit at 11am...short trip but fun.
  3. I was 25' behind the DR balls and down 6 to 7 feet with spoons. The dipsy rod was running about the same. We were on the west side of the Charlotte pier. Plenty of marks in the river and out to 48'. Good luck!
  4. Genny 9/29/17 Afternoon Started in the river just pass the CG station. Trolled to 48 FOW marked big hooks and balls of bait. Circled in front of the river from 2pm till 5pm...rain on and off. Around 6pm, saw several fish jumping on the west side of the Charlotte pier, so we made run along the pier. Hooked up a nice 20# female on a chrome bloody nose J-plug. Circled back two more times on hooked a 15# male and another 18# female, both on spoons. The day started out slow, but ended with three nice fish.
  5. I've posted this before. Someone suggested using a aluminum rod...so I tried a #2 Phillips screwdriver. It took the fleas off like a hot knife thru butter. I started using 40# & 50# test, but they still hook on. Checking the line often and flicking the line up & down works good for a light load.
  6. Was it a Cannon Speed N Temp?? If so, I have one I'd like to get rid of.
  7. I have one a my boat. I had it wired to the two back DR's. You have be careful with the spring coils that feed the DR cables. Wrapped and crushed the coil when doing a fast retrieval. I never tried it on Dipsy rods...you wouldn't want to use the spring coil. After mine broke off, I just wrapped the bare wire around the DR cable. You need to check the readings at the DR cable while its in the water away from the docks/launch with a meter. Did it help catch fish??? Who knows. Cannon has a similar system on their DR's. Hope this helps.
  8. I fished in front of the river on 8/22 from 8am till noon. Used J-plugs, spoons & flies. NO TAKERS. The floating weeds were a pain. Marked big hooks from 18 to 45 FOW. Trying again Sunday.
  9. Bought a Lowrance Hook 9 this year. Still learning all the setting options. Mine has a dual 83/200 transducer, chirp sonar. It has a built-in GPS(no antenna to mount). I like it so far. I think they make a 12" unit. The only thing I didn't like, doesn't come with a screen cover.
  10. I read the post about using a SS rod to clear the fleas from the line, before we went out Tuesday morning. The fleas came off easy early in the morning by shaking the rod tip. But, later all the lines (30# test) had a heavy coating, one line jammed up. I didn't have a SS rod, so I took out my #2 Philips screwdriver and ran it over the flea covered lines...the fleas dropped off like hot butter. Couldn't believe it worked so good.
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