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    Salted Minnows

    Jimski thank you very Mitch
  2. fitz67

    Salted Minnows

    Looking for info on how to salt minnows so they dont get soft and mushy. Thamks Mitch
  3. I would like to add some lead core to my bag of tricks for walleyes . I have never used lead core as of yet and it seems to be a very effective way to put walleys in the cooler. Any sugestions on equipment would be greatly appreciated. we are fishing out of a 196 fishmaster and plan on chasing the walleyes from the small boat harbour to dunkirk if it makes a difference Thanks Mitch
  4. Very nice catch there
  5. Just to clarify iam speaking of a vhf 2 way marine radio. Thanks Mitch
  6. Hey guys looking to see what guys are using or suggestions as to which radio to purchase for my recently aquired 196 fishmaster. Thanks Mitch
  7. Check out olcottfishing.com it usually has up to date info Fitz
  8. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 6/8/2012 Time on Water: 4pm-8pm Weather/Temp: sun with clouds Wind Speed/Direction: west/southwest Waves: 1-2 Surface Temp: Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 6 Total Boated: 3 Species Breakdown: Kings Hot Lure: Green monkey puke Trolling Speed: 2.8-3.0 Down Speed: ? Boat Depth: 300-425 Lure Depth: 55-70 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Nice evening on the lake and a few 12-15lb kings for our efforts
  9. Need ideas for a trolling motor on a 196 fishmaster for drifting the lower river and the bar. Iam thinking 24 volt 80lb thrust and a 60 " shaft. Does this sound about right? Whats are you guys running that drift there? Thanks in advance for the help Mitch
  10. walleye check out 6x6world.com tons of info on 6 wheelers on there. Did you get tracks with it ?
  11. Looking for input on sportcraft 252 . Primary use as lake O trolling boat Anyone that runs one pro or cons would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Thank you everyone for sharing your input .Definitely leaning towards the tin cans . Now to look around and try and find a deal
  13. Looking for a boat that can be set up to troll lake ontario for salmon/trout and handle erie for bass and walleye Also throw in the upper and lower niagara for drifting when the lakes are to rough and the occasional trip to the finger lakes. Also needs to fish 4 without being to crowded. Does such a boat exist or is this wishfull thinking ? Thanks
  14. Hello everyone This will be the first year fishing with flashers and flies for me. If anyone could suggest a few combos and any other tips that would be most excellent. We spend most of our time fishing from the bar to wilson if it makes a difference. Thanks Mitch
  15. Thanks to George W . I find myself with an extra 600 bucks in my pocket Whats the best Fishfinder/gps combo for 600 or less? Thanks
  16. Hey guys thanks for all the input and advice.
  17. What size kicker to push a 3000lb 21ft boat for trolling and what is the best way for mounting to a swim platform? Thanks
  18. Hello everyone, Thank you for your responses and sharing your thoughts and opinions. You have given us a lot to think about and digest. We don't want to get in over our heads. This particular boat can be viewed at www.wheelhousemarine.com Any other thoughts and input are always appreciated. Thanks again, Fitz67/Mitch
  19. Bill, Thank you very much for the response and your helpful tips. We have only fished from aluminum boats and are not familiar with fiberglass and the associated maintenance issues. In your opinion, who offers a fiberglass boat that meets the better standards you mentioned in your response. Inboard vs. outboard, what is your opinion? Thanks for your help, I appreciate your input.
  20. My brother-in-law is considering a 1987 23ft grady White gulfstream. It comes with a 1987 250 Mariner outboard. When looking the boat over, are there any tell tale signs we should be looking for?
  21. Borax thanks for the response. I was begininng to think no one had any experience with the sport angler. Glad to hear you are so happy with the boat. I am currently considering getting one, mainly for Lake Ontario/Erie and the Niagara River. How has the Optimax been treating you?
  22. Anyone have any input on the Sport Angler 1800/2000
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