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  1. If you have not already try posting on 6x6world.com. That's where I sold my Argo and Max
  2. My freinds and i are looking for a port clinton area walleye charter recomendation.If any one has any experience they could share that would be great.Spring fever is rampant so it looks like we will have to go west while we wait for the ice to clear here. Thanks in advance Mitch
  3. Have you come across any perch in your travels? My buddy just got a new to him boat and is itching to get after some perch We are just not sure where to start this time of year. Thanks
  4. Check out walleye.com there is a 2007 listed there
  5. fitz67

    Lake Erie 6.28

    Thanks for the info
  6. fitz67

    Lake Erie 6.28

    Nice eyes how deep were you fishing?
  7. Picked up 6 this morning in front of the windmills all on harnesses
  8. fitz67

    On FIRE!

    Nice hopefully erie treats me that well in the morning.
  9. Ice boom removal started today .Ice is starting to flow steady downriver
  10. fitz67

    Lake Erie Perch

    Went out this afternoon 65ft in front of Catt went through 150 emeralds in about 2 hrs. 2 guys ended up with 80 keepers. Great fishing hope it keeps up for awhile.
  11. Try from the departure buoy south. I was out that way this morning and saw quite a few walleye being taken and good reports from those I talked with
  12. fitz67

    Lake Erie Perch

    There have been minnows along the wall at the foot of Ontario all week. There seems to be a mix of all sizes from what I have netted. I have not checked ferry but they should be there also
  13. Check out walleye.com lots of the latest reports and tactics
  14. fitz67

    Lake Erie Perch

    Any perch still hanging around in the river?
  15. So I am looking at the surface temp map and wondering how to interpret the info I see into finding fish .Is it as simple as fishing the areas with the tightest gradient lines ? Thanks
  16. Sounds like you had a great day congrats . I was stuck doing yard work hope to get out tomorrow pm. If you don't mind sharing what was your down speed on your deep riggers? I have yet to hookup that deep just looking for some tips Thanks
  17. Jim Thank you for taking the time to share your set up Fitz
  18. fitz67

    Lake Erie Perch

    Anyone been out lately. Hoping to get out tommorow and looking for a good starting point Thanks
  19. That is one hell of a nice deer ya got there.
  20. Any fresh info on wilson for perch ?
  21. Are you getting them off the pier on back by the boat ramps ?
  22. 196 fishmaster I picked one up in march extremely happy with it . Handles the lake just fine Fitz
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