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  1. fish bottom in cold (40) water at .8 -1.4 down speed. cowbells and spin-n-glos
  2. Get some aluminum plates cut for you at a local fabricating shop
  3. Artpark drift is good for trout during fall and winter. A three-way drifting rig works for most using a kwik-fish style lure off a rod-length leader of 8 lb. fluorocarbon and a 1 oz. pencil weight. Pink/silver, green/silver, blue/silver (all in scale pattern) size 9 or 11. Go catch em! Expect to lose weights and lures as bottom is quite rocky. Target depths from 10-30 ft.
  4. The oil resevoir has a black cap. The neck this cap is on has a mark near its base that is the top-off mark. Fill to this point. Where did the old oil go? You have a leak somewhere in the system. With mine, I once tried to use my kicker without disconnecting from the 135hp main engine first. The oil was forced into the control module and it had to be replaced. Hopefully you only have to replace the piston that moves the motor. Fill the resevoir and test on the water. Look for an oil film on water surface. If leakage is from the piston, a slick will be present.
  5. Fill holes using old screws into 5200. Suggest you purchase a mounting block for all future transducer applications, That way you don't drill into transom.
  6. My solution several years back, eventually, after the same things happening to me, was to sell the cannonlink and change the circuit board to a Mag 10 circuit board. Replacing the Mag 20 board first did not correct the problem. Lost the bottom track and ion control adjustment, but at least have functioning riggers.
  7. IMO, raising the pump an inch from the bottom will not do anything. Why? Because the rain water will still enter the bilge and activate the pump, but at an inch higher level. With water draining back to the bilge with pump shutoff, the same conditions exist because the pump could not expel the one inch of water left by raising the pump an inch. The check valve sounds reasonable.
  8. My Lund trailer (by Shorelander) has bunks. Made from treated wood covered with marine carpeting.
  9. Prop depth is important to consider, but don't forget about transducer placement for the FF and possible interference..
  10. Fish in 1st pic. 2nd pic shows a fish swimming with you for a while and in the "cone" during that time.
  11. Garmin makes AP models for main motors and for kickers. TR1 Gold is for kickers up to 15 hp. Cost is over $2000, but worthwhile IMO. Been using it for years on a 18' Lund with 9.9 kicker and love it.
  12. 10 lb leader-definitely. Troll stickbaits in shallow water, save the spoons for 20ft. plus. If mudline exists, use firetiger/chartreuse baits in the colored water (rattles help) or natural colors in clear water. Sticks should run in less than 8FOW. Look for temp changes and fish warmest water the hardest. When water temps near shore get above 55*, move out deeper and fish near bottom. Target 50* water if you have a probe.
  13. The WHI should go off as planned as launching from Wilson will be possible even when they remove the ice boom. Getting to Canadian waters to fish or fishing the Red Can area could involve long runs to get around the ice if it is still coming down the river. Some productive areas of Lake O may not be fishable because of the floating ice and may force fishermen East to Ollcott.
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