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  1. Thanks everyone great time fishing thanks for posting final weights my phone is shot from getting rained on all yesterday
  2. thanks hop I have alot of fishin storys for him
  3. I wont be at the meeting but get ahold of me that day ill get you signed up 6074819204
  4. thanks everyone!! The winning box of fish was on spoons and a flasher fly. leadcore, dipsys and riggers all did good every game plan we had had big bites that's all we needed. Landed around 25 the first three being lost because it was my buddys first time trolling and other wasn't used to fighting them on rod and reel other than pulling them into a copper box. We did have gambler rigs in the water taking fish close to being in the final box.I wish we took some better pictures but was to busy fishing
  5. Thanks bobby for posting this and thank you Brian for the donations. We are going to keep it separate to keep it simple,we originally planed it last year for a friends and family tournament in memory of my uncle tom but is open to the public too. I tried to plan it so it didn't conflict anything I didn't see any post and asked a few fishermen that didnt say about it sorry for the inconvenience. Good luck everyone and if you have any questions message me thankyou....fishon!!!!
  6. interested ill send you a message
  7. you can contact me or Cory or stop up to the south Seneca sportsman club. I live in horseheads, both our numbers are on the sign up or send me a message with questions
  8. OK I'll send you message with my number
  9. Where is this located might want to check it out
  10. Dmargeit


    That's the only thing I see wrong with it is the bench seat but it would be easy to upgrade that. Just haven't seen many reviews about them compared to clam eskimo and frabill just heard about them this year.I have a pack shac right now and on windy days it would just blow away haha
  11. Dmargeit


    I'm asking if anyone has used one and if it holds up. Not selling anything
  12. Dmargeit


    Anyone use the shappell fx200 200 ice shanty and has it held up for the price
  13. Margeit a custom taxidermy is in for a sponsor/ prize
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