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  1. Cayuga Tom Margeit Memorial tournament

    you can contact me or Cory or stop up to the south Seneca sportsman club. I live in horseheads, both our numbers are on the sign up or send me a message with questions
  2. OK I'll send you message with my number
  3. Where is this located might want to check it out
  4. shappell

    That's the only thing I see wrong with it is the bench seat but it would be easy to upgrade that. Just haven't seen many reviews about them compared to clam eskimo and frabill just heard about them this year.I have a pack shac right now and on windy days it would just blow away haha
  5. shappell

    I'm asking if anyone has used one and if it holds up. Not selling anything
  6. shappell

    Anyone use the shappell fx200 200 ice shanty and has it held up for the price
  7. National Lake Trout Derby

    Margeit a custom taxidermy is in for a sponsor/ prize
  8. You still have these
  9. Name Game

    Moldy shiner Pink haze Green momba
  10. seth green rig

    Hey hop thanks for the kind words about my uncle was a tough loss I've used the rig I think your describing it had steel wire the whole rig with beads instead of bead chains with Dacron backing behind it we have since lost the wire broke off the Dacron but still have the rod
  11. Trying my luck at trolling flies...

    is that like the one you decided to chuck overboard with spiny not attached to anything hahah
  12. seth green rig

    ya my Uncle Tom
  13. seth green rig

    50lb big game camo braid works good for me cuts the water better than mono
  14. Lamoka lake

    Has anyone ever fished the deep parts of lamoka jigging for crappie? Or any other fish
  15. Kicker motor placement

    Transducer we use is on the other side