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  1. I will have my 22 ft islander. Brand new motor ready to go look for the chocolate lab pup
  2. Spoke with the folks over at Sampson today, that's where I will be staying. I have marina slip 78 anyone else going to be moored up in the marina? Getting close now!!
  3. question. weigh in is at 5:30 pm do you set any fishing hours? or is it just sun up to 5:30 friday
  4. Look for a bunch of us woodchucks running around wearing this logo on team shirts and sweatshirts. Team Rampage Sport Fishing we started a few years ago just this is the first season fishing off my boat. I'll explain the good story behind the logo if we see you. Pretty creative if I do say so myself
  5. Oh for sure I've fished Seneca my whole life on my dad's boat. I've seen it turn hairy quick! I got the boat for a steal because of the motor issues I'm dropping a new turn key motor in her right now!
  6. I look forward to meeting you all, I'm in the middle of a motor re work myself but she will be good to go. This is my first boat I've ever purchased so It will be a great opportunity to get a feel for her so when the king blitz is on I will be ready!
  7. Well it's almost time again guys for that great tradition we all love. The Seneca lake trout derby! This year I am excited to say I will be camping for the entire weekend at Sampson state park! Thought it would be cool to start this post to see who all will be in attendance and check out boats. I have an islander 221 and will be staying in one of the cabins. The boat will be slipped in the marina. Post here with pictures of your rig and lets all enjoy some camaraderie for that weekend! Look for my blue and white islander, Blue ford f150 and my chocolate lab puppy. Looking forward to meeting you all and reading your posts, feel free to stop and say hello will have plenty of cold beers in the cooler! my name is Andrew. tight lines!!
  8. Who ended,up winning? Black jaw? Had a blast despite the,conditions!
  9. my name is andy, im from palmyra ny, n my boat is an 87 starcaft v hull with an 05' 70 horse opti max.. im only 17 years old.. but im a hardcore trout/salmon fisherman.. i hate this time of year because i cant fish trout and salmon in lake ontario.. but ive decided to start fishing deep for them. ive got all the equipment but advice would be GREATLY appreciated... trout and salmon really are my obsession so if ud like.. have a chat with me
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