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  1. Thanks. I plan on either going out of the Catt. or out of SBH fishing the windmills. good luck Tony
  2. I am heading out Saturday with my Dad for Father's day (our 1st time out this year) and wanted to know if any of you fine gentleman can give some info on where to start (area & depth) and the what colors of harnesses or stick baits? I also know the Tournament is going on which we are not in, so any info would be great. Thanks and in advance, Happy Father's day to all those Fathers and good luck to all in the Tournament. Slapshot (Tony)
  3. Heard that there are some walleye to be had out of Buffalo in the 40 ft. range. Can anyone confirm this? If so, does anyone have any other information as to what they are hitiing on? Hoping to get out Saturday hopefully for walleye, if then perch. Thanks Tony
  4. Looking to fish for musky for the first time ever in lake erie or the river. Can anyone offer some info as to where a good starting point would be or 2 and what types of baits to use? Thanks We have fished for big pike in canada, so we have some top water bait, diving baits, bull dawgs, spinner baits and buck tails. Tony
  5. slapshot

    Buffalo eyes

    Fished out of Dunkirk today. Those 10 - 15 mph winds with 3 to 4's and a 5 thrown in there to boot. Man, gotta love those weathermen and NOAA. Boy would I love a job where I could be wrong most of the time and have no reprocussions. Anyways, fished in the 85 - 90 ft. range and boxed 4 walleye 7- 9 #'s.
  6. slapshot

    Buffalo eyes

    Thanks RD9. What was working better stick baits or harnesses? Also, what colors? Thanks Tony
  7. slapshot

    Buffalo eyes

    heading out this weekend, how far west? Dunkirk or Barcelona or Catt.
  8. Looking for help. Where would a good place to launch this weekend? At what depth are you guys working? Any other info would be of great help. Thanks and good fishin. Tony
  9. Thinking of heading out of Olcott ths Saturday. looking for a good staring point and what to use? Spoons or FF, thanks Tony
  10. We would like to try our hand at musky fishing this year. We go and have gone on trips up north for large pike and walleye. Pike as large as 53", but we cast for them. Can you offer some advice as to where to start, troll or cast, what types of baits and colors, plus any other advice you may think will help our chances. Thanks Tony
  11. Thinking of heading out this weekend. Are the walleye still bitting out of Dunkirk?
  12. We run the Big Jon otter boats and we think that they do not run through the water as they should. Is there a modification that we can do that would allow the otter boats to track better through the water? Thanks Tony Slapshot
  13. Thanks BAZOOKAJOE I will check it out
  14. Thanks, but is a "haywire" splice and how is it done?
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