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  1. Yankee, been there a few times been tough for us jig and pig wise(or anything else)... were you wacky or texas rigged?
  2. FYI, rochester Bassmasters is having their opener there that weekend ...could be tough looking for a place to stay, i dunno doesn't hurt to check
  3. no luck in the lake outa sandy, got a few in the creek @10'
  4. caught some nice bass in the Lake O tributaries, a few Lms, pike all on cranks http://www.postimage.org/aV22sn7A.jpg' alt='aV22sn7A.jpg'> [/img]
  5. Thought that only happened to me
  6. Thats correct, slime darts , toothy critters etc.. must of been some sort of tournament that day alot of traffic for a week day...
  7. me and the old lady caught a couple slimers (5 lbers.)at the south & north end, weds. Lots of guys out , making all sorts of comotion.
  8. The lake has awesome potential for consistant northern Lmb, 4 & 5's all day. But....it is fished hard by locals and tournaments by august....So be patient and work the outside weed edge at about 12' of water any where on the lake ...good luck
  9. Thats it but it was all over the bass's body.....Thanks hermit...hope its something that will disappear & not be catastrophic
  10. I would also like to see what it looks like, I pulled a 3 lb Lm out of conesus that had what looked like open sores...
  11. Thanks, sounds great I can't wait...I like the jig & pig so I'll target that weedline, Backed up by some swim baits! (always need a plan of attack!)
  12. just wondering if any one had any good info on bass spots on the east end....staying near sylvan for a weekend. I heard it was a shallow lake any info would be appreciated.
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