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  1. Can you post a picture of the torpedoes? Are they the A-Tom-Mik type? And what would be to ship two 13 lb-ers to Ontario, Canada? Cheers, Ice Fisherman
  2. Harvey, Think I found a way to do this even though I am in Canada...me and a buddy of mine will buy 4 x 16 Lbs torpedos. He has a US address in Niagara, NY where you can ship it. Tried calling you on the phone tonight but couldn't react you...will try a bit later again. Do you have 4 ready to go? Got to talk to you on the phone though to figure out the payment. Cheers, Ice Fisherman
  3. Harvey, interested in one 16# ....couldn't find any pictures of them on the board though? Any direct link or can you email me some? Maybe someone who bought them can snap a picture and post it here? Would like to make sure they are the same as the one A-Tom-Mik I just lost last weekend. I am in Ontario, so will you be shipping to me for the same $14? And last question - can I pay you PayPall again considering I am in Canada? Cheers, Ice Fisherman
  4. Thanks Erbyjoe, but Cabelas actually does not have the display only - they are all sold out I was told when I emailed them earlier today. They only have the unit with transducer. So, I am still looking for display only.... Cheers, Ice Fisherman
  5. Would like to buy LMS-525 or LMS-520 - DISPLAY only (with power cord and mount). If someone has one for sale in good working condition feel free to PM me. Cheers, Ice Fisherman
  6. Hey Rusty, I stroke a good deal on pair of brand new MAG 10's (couldn't find any high speed used ones), but have not pulled the trigger yet. I was planning to buy them at the upcoming boat/fishing show. So let me know what you are asking for yours? I've just emailed you. Cheers, Ice Fisherman
  7. Greg, I've just sent you PM about your riggers. Cheers, Ice Fisherman
  8. Thanks Bill. I've just got a reply by email from Cannon. "...The HS models came out then in late 2006 as a 2007 introduced new model. Serial numbers will read CNAG or CNAH..." So you and Jim were both right, the 2007 model with those serial numbers were the first HS series made. Maybe I could find a pair from someone who wants to upgrade to different models. If new 2008 MAG 10 is about $400 (without the swivel base), I hope a 2007 model will be in the $300 range and this will save me some. Cheers, Ice Fisherman
  9. Thanks Jim. I wasn't sure what year exactly did Cannon come up with HS series....are you sure it is 2007 as I seem to have read somewhere it was 2006? Could someone confirm this? I was quoted $400 for brand new 2008 model of Mag 10 without the swivel base and $479 with the swivel. As you can see from my other post, I am looking for Berts tackle swivel bases so I will not need the Cannon swivel bases anyways. But I need the telescoping boom on the Mag 10. Cheers, Ice Fisherman
  10. Looking for a pair of Cannon Mag 10 or Cannon Mag 20 electric downriggers in good working condition. Would like them to be the new high speed (HS) version (250 feet/min) so they'll need not to be older then few years. I was considering buying new at local place for $400/e.a. for MAG 10, but would like to compare what a year or two used ones will cost me. Hope I could save some. Cheers, Ice Fisherman
  11. Looking for the following in good condition: 1) 2 x 36" tracks 2) 4 x ratchet rod holders 3) 2 x downrigger swivel basis Prefer buff brite finish but will switch to satin finish if price is right and can't find buff brite. Anyone who has this stuff for sale let me know soon, as I'll be buying new shortly should I not get any offers on used. Cheers, Ice Fisherman
  12. Gambler, I did see that boat last night but it is wayyyyy out of my price range and in my humble opinion it is overprised comparing what I've seen been offered on the net over the past month in the States. Cheers, Ice Fisherman
  13. Just sold my old boat and it is time to actively start looking for a newer one. Here is my wish list based on boat expert advices, my specific requirements and budget, and what I’ve seen available out there. 1) Boat will be used primarily for fishing (80%), moslty trolling and family fun(20%), but when fishing, often my family will be with me, so their comfort and my fishing convenience are important. 2) 17-18 feet, could be fibreglass or aluminum with full walk thru windshield, bow rider. Central console is an option. 3) 1998 and newer (2000 and newer preferred) 4) Need seating for 4 (two adults and two kids) but in a way I could rearrange and have enough room in the back when trolling. Found out best solution for me will be fold down seats on the back for the kids and those can be folded when trolling and be out of the way. 5) Main motor power depending on the boat size but would like to have enough of it, so 90HP+ is a must with 115HP + preferred. Outboard is a must. 6) Kicker motor is highly desirable, but not a must as I can install one afterwards. 7) Trolling motor is optional Fishfinder(s)/GPS are highly desirable 9) VHF radio/antenna is highly desirable 10) Downriggers (electric preferred, or manuals), rod holders and other trolling gear are desirable, but not a must as I can install those afterwards 11) All safety gear, batteries, etc. 12) Trailer with swing away tongue (or ability to be done afterwards) is very highly desirable as fitting the package in my 20’ x 8‘ garage is a must. 13) Full top with side and back curtains is highly desirable as well as travel cover. 14) Would prefer Canadian boat as it is less paperwork/easier, but would consider an US one if it is not too far, since those seem to be much better deals. 15) After extensive research the following brand names seem to fit the list above most in this order: A) Aluminum: Lund, Princecraft, Lowe, Starcraft, Alumacraft, Smokecraft from the aluminum ones. All those offer the fold down back seats I want. Also acceptable aluminum boats, but lacking the fold down seats are Crestliner and Sylvan. For those I’ll have to figure out some sort of aftermarket fold down seating in the back. B) Fiberglas : Sea Swirl Striper central console, Wilker, Grew, Glastron, Starcraft, but depending on seating configuration for the last four. 16) Budget is about $10,000 but I am willing to extend that a bit should I find clearly outstanding boat. I’ve been looking daily on Canadian and US sites, eBay, etc. and have found some good deals out there. Just not the “perfect oneâ€Â
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