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  1. I have noticed that stingers do not come with split rings on the front! I have always ran them w/out with a snap swivel successfully but has any one found better success when they added a split ring to their MS spoons
  2. I am making the 4hr trip down to cabelas in PA this weekend to blow my income tax money on fishing tackle!!!!! I usually run JR thunder sticks in bl/siv ,yo zuris bl/pr, and of course jointed raps. As far as spoons go I like to run nk28 in frg, bl/pr, wt, Stingers, quick silvers, I have done good with this spread but maybe I am missing out on some hot lures that I should have in my arsenal? Any info would be appreciated
  3. I have not had a ton of luck with the kings in the spring I hit the occasional king in front of Russell station and only one off of Shipbuilders in 10-20-FOW but other than that mostly browns out in front of Irondequoit!!!! But don’t take my word for it I am just a weekend warrior hopefully you can get a reply from one of the I-Bay pros.
  4. RR, do they still make "P-line hybrid flouro" i looked on basspro & cabelas and did not see a Hybrid? but they do have P-Line 100%Fluorocarbon is this the same line ?
  5. Thanks Ray As far as the RED it is a fluorocarbon so it is invisible under water the red just makes it easer to see out of water on the boards? I knew I would catch flack on the 10lb but theirs a reason: I fish Hemlock, Canidice, and Conesus where small line diameter can make the difference between fish in the boat and fish on the finder. I fish these lake 90% of my time but I try to get up on the big pond as much as possible weather permitting w/a 16ft boat! Ill tell you what it sure is fun hookin up with 25lb king on light action!!!! as far as the release!!!! they don’t flip around as much in the cooler when their tired out.
  6. Thinking about buying a bulk 10lb spool 2000yds!!! Just though I should get some opinions before I spend the 120$ and spool 8 reels with it just to find out its junk!! Any information will be valuable to me thanks
  7. Try running planner boards with Rapalas new shad raps SR9 in PD ,CL,WE they work well for me!!!!!
  8. Just thought I should share this one
  9. Take five 10in perch remove the fillet from each side, rinse and dab dry, dip fillet in egg batter and roll in seasoned bread crumbs, place in frying pan with about ¼ inch of preheated vegetable oil , cook each side for 2min, remove from pan serve with cocktail sauce and a beer !!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Out of Irondequoit in the spring genesee in the fall!!
  11. Hey guys, My name is Doug and its great to be among other Fishaholic !!! my 2007 16ft Starcraft and I
  12. this is my first try posting not sure if i did it right if you dont see me on a boat holding a smallie!! i guess i will go back to upload school [/img]
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