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  1. Allow me to play devils advocate here, I’m not a bass fisherman anymore as of 2003 because I found bigger fish in the sea but never the less I’m a die hard fisherman and I could not imagine having a $30,000 bass boat that is only good for bass fishing and having to wait till mid June to catch a fish on it. Personally I think every one should get a bass boat and go flip your hart out in 3ft of water and catch BIG 5lb BASS WOW!!! It just leaves more room for me in the open water to catch some real sport fish!!! But if your going to harass bass fisherman for catching spawning fish then you should also go after every one who goes after steelheads and browns in early spring isn’t that the same thing?
  2. Yes I agree they should make the box 2 inches deeper and the split ring issue is a factor it may not be the best box for the serious salmon angler with tons of mag spoons but for the average Joe walleye/trout fisherman I think this box will suit your needs just fine……
  3. I finally found a good spoon box that I could afford!!! Check this out……………. It even comes with a spoon chart for dummies like me that can’t remember what the names are http://www.walleyetacklestore.com/megaspooncaddy.html
  4. good luck steve its going to take a 50+ to win, wish i could go!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Yeah, their great I serve it with the woodchucks I shot the day before it makes for a five star surf and turf :mrgreen: NO I don’t eat them they actually go to a tree nursery to be used as organic fertilizer Let me know if you got a good recipe besides the 2x4 method!!!!
  6. This was a fast action trip we had over 400lb in the boat after 4hrs and I only hit 1 out of every 20 but the captain picked up my slack……… This is a horrible picture but thought it was worth showing the biggest fish @37lbs
  7. If you want some for sure action use a slip bobber set your stopper at 8ft and fish 10 to 14FOW just outside the weed lines use large shiners or suckers on a small treble hook I have caught my biggest bass, pike and eyes on this rig, Jigging also works but its a lot of work!! You will have a hard time keeping your lines clean trolling their is a lot of salad floating around out there not to mention all the jet skiers and jackasses that the warm weather will bring out I think you will be quickly frustrated at this approach LIVE BAIT is the ticket Good luck
  8. This may not be the biggest walleye i ever caught but it is a trophy for Silver Lake and a trophy for me because I fished for 9 hours and only caught 3 perch and then Wham …….. The fish that saved the day …….. 9.2lb 29¾in
  9. just call them up 1411 N 58th st Superior WI, 54880 Tel 715-394-7671
  10. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I called laurvick they have replacement tips they are shipping 48 of them UPS for a total cost of $5.80 I can’t argue that should get me another 2 years of fishing
  11. Nice retraction,(WTF) No I’m not claiming that it is THE 15.6lb walleye it is a pix I found on the web (busted)…. Just trying to draw attention to the post hopefully we will see the real pix soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I work up in the falls area weekly just a short drive to Lewiston!! Ill help bringley finish his roll of film **** ill give him a ride to Wal-mart and show him how to drop it off at the one hour ….. I think if I caught a 15.6lb walleye i would have filled the camera and RAN to the nearest store but that’s just me and every one else I know……………… But ill give bringley the benefit of the doubt until proven guilty…..
  13. I would like to recommend Big Jon next time your in need of a Quality product that the company will stand behind I admit I’m a little hard on my equipment anyhow I cracked my planer board reel at the handle while try to horse the boards in fast in rough waters!!!! :shock: My first thought was I paid 250$ and now I have to buy a new reel S**T!!!! :evil: I called Big Jon and to my surprise they actual understood my dilemma they told me they will send me a new reel for FREE to replace the one that broke I received the reel in less then 1 week shipped the old one back and I’m now back in action
  14. Dose anyone have contact info on the makers of these releases? I have about twenty of the florescent orange ones and they have been good to me the past few years but the rubber tubing is starting to show sings of wear like cuts were my line slices into them and it has cost me a lot of fish and lures this year when they don’t release. :evil: Anyhow I would like to find the replacement tubing but all my search result have failed to lead me in the right direction So I turn to you guys for help Thanks Sharkbait
  15. Oh I almost forgot to tell the highlight of my day… just as we got the rods in the water
  16. Good report, doesn’t sound like a bad trip. Candice is a tough lake to fish its hit or miss but fish or no fish you got to love the tranquility of this lake… My dad was over at hemlock last Wednesday caught a 14in rainbow tried to revive it before he released it but the fish did not get its bearing back quick enough and became an easy meal for the bald eagle that followed him down the lake… Some times it’s not about how many fish you get in the boat !!!!!
  17. Another fun day on the water!!!!!!!!
  18. Thanks for the info, I’m sure the Avon anglers don’t advertise for the same reasons the launch just isn’t big enough for that many trailers and it just gets out of hand with that many people…………..
  19. :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishin ... .php?t=817
  20. It was another nasty day today
  21. Cool beans Steve, It sure makes me think twice about keeping a fish knowing that if you C&R that fish has potential grow for another ten years and make the books some day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But they sure do taste good And I don’t feel to guilty keeping one for the frying pan every other trip Ill be looking for some good reports tomorrow when I get back Good luck
  22. Hey dozer what is R.F.D? I wish I knew of this would have like to participate sounds like fun!!!!!!!!!! Rochester fire department? is this a member only turny
  23. That’s awesome what a trophy I have caught a lot of eyes out of Conesus but have yet to get a tag so congrats to both of you!!!
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