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  1. Moultrie I spy D40 I have 6 pix of this and it seem like its in motion my guess is its an owl that flew over the nuclear power plant any suggestions? Now I know what this is ……………………………
  2. doozer are going out sat AM ill be there rain or shine its looking more like rain then shine
  3. yup that was me one rigger at 30 and the other at 35 i also had free sliders on both of them the deep rigger did the raimbow and both browns came of the sliders iam guessing they ran around 15-20 we also marked aton of fish but did not catch one untill i slowed down 1.7 gps was that you solo with the yelllow eagle claw rods in close?
  4. Didn’t get on the water till 6pm the weed were bad on the east side but I found some clean water on the other side worked the 60-70 FOW stingers of the riggers put 2 2-4lb browns and a nice rainbow in the boat … it was a short trip but well worth it
  5. Iam not an expert on the musky on Conesus but get one occasionally I think your best bet is to work the north end in 10-15 FOW run inline spinners over the weeds I like the florescent orange musky killers by Mepps you can get some long cast and cover a lot of water I don’t use a steel leader because they seem to catch more weeds and less fish.. Some days I add a small stinger hook with a red feather on it that seems to entice the sluggish fish that follow the bait…..
  6. ill be out there 2nite around 3ish till dark going to lanch at the north and work my way down to the bluffs mid lake on the west side... how bad are the weeds on the surface?????
  7. http://www.bowandsternmarine.com/ if your looke for starcraft they have a great showroom about 10min north of buffalo
  8. ill be out there tomorrow @ 6am for the first time this year i cant wait !!!hope the lake stays flat for me and my 16ft boat if you hear on the radio it could only mean two things (1) the boats taking on water (2) i got my first king of the year on wahoooo!!! white / black Starcraft Good luck, Doug
  9. I agree with YT for the price it’s the right one for me
  10. This fish you seen I believe is a red Rudd I see thousands of them while bow fishing in the spring. The river you refer to is actually the outlet also known as Conesus Creek
  11. You got to be carful with lead its also known to the state of California to cause cancer!
  12. Ok so they were all pan fish under 12inches….. most of the fish came off the riggers 30 down over 35 Mt dew spin-doctor w/ silver cricket fly was the most productive .... but the trout worms worked good to this would be a great place to take a kid fishing its non stop action there is a state launch at the south end and you dont have to go far from there to find the fish
  13. NEW price $3500 full tank of gas included ($100 value) wow what a deal!!!!!!!!
  14. I did not see any sign of VHS this year on the Finger Lakes (i.e. Conesus, silver, Hemlock) last year I caught one walleye that looked like it was near death so I took it home and cut it open and sure enough it had brown spots all over the fillets I assume that was VHS but I’m not an expert ………… I don’t think this virus has effected the population as much as first predicted…… Although sometimes it seems like every fish in the lake is dead when they get lockjaw ……….and the next day you can get your limit in an hour Here is some proof this female was tagged in 2003 while spawning in the Conesus inlet I caught the fish in late June 2008 off cottonwood alive and healthy
  15. 95 GMC Sierra GT 5.7l v8 4x4, 133000mi,, cc, ac , 2in tow package w/receiver and 2in ball MUST SELL , This is very clean great running truck and it gets a fuel sipping 11mpg just think you will never have to pass by a gas station again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Asking $5000 OBO Pm me for more info
  16. Its been good south in the deeper water but you can only fish to about 10am before all the Wahoo’s get out on the water!!! w/about you
  17. Well my first trip to Candice this year turned out to be a good one it was fast action all day 3 Lakers 1 26in pickerel 4 fat smallies like this 4.5lber 2 largemouths We also lost a nice landlocked at the back of the boat it gave up a great fight and won!!!!!
  18. I happen to pick up a free NY fish and game monthly magazine at a gas station on the cover it showed a monster pike that said possible NY sate record but I thought in the back of my head I have seen this picture before its been floating around the internet for years????? The article in the NYF&GMM stated that this fish was caught at Chippewa bay and that the fish is pending the new state record…….. so I did some research on the internet and found out that the hole story was a lie http://www.pacgb.co.uk/articles/blomedit.htm Please fill me in on any info I’m missing Maybe this magazine is a farce like the national enquire but it looked like a legit publication
  19. Well good luck ill be sitting in the office dreaming about fishing, I just got the new GLA magazine there is a great article about Erie eyes,
  20. Sorry I don’t have a report never made it out because some unexpected stuff came up at work!!!! This work SH*# really gets in the way of my fishing schedule!!!!!
  21. Getting the arsenal ready to deploy for the am trip to Dunkirk
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