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  1. Same experience down my way just dead I see a few yearlings here and there.. second rut coming? I hope
  2. Feels like I have a .00001% chance of seeing the buck I'm after..
  3. Busted is right!! Can't wait to see him next year !
  4. Just had a 6pt push a doe though my lane
  5. So that's what they look like when the get old in NY ?!?! WOW!
  6. This is the last thing you ever want to see walk out of your sancuary! He
  7. Congrats on a family double.
  8. Gator I know the feeling it's not easy. I could only think of a handful of hunters that have the same restraints. I can't tell you how many people offer thier buck tag to me as if it's legal. I know to many guys that shoot any buck early so thay can say they got one, then shoot a bigger one when the opertunity comes along.. seem everyone around me has this mentality and as long as it has a tag on it ear its ok. It's to easy to get away with in NY. Sharing buck tags is probably the most common type of poaching.
  9. Now there is 8 small bucks and the big boy just bedded down with the doe on the edge of the field.. that sums up the 3.5 buck to 1.5yo ratio in my area
  10. With no buck tag I have been doing road patrol I watched a real nice buck follow a doe around a field and do his best to keep the 5 other small bucks away from her last night.. I'm back in the same field now in my warm truck and they are still there the big boy has her on a leash waiting for her to give him the sign in guess. All the small buck try to get close and the big guy just puffs up and the run back .. really cool to see
  11. if your buying, ill pull the trigger anywhere.. i purchased my own property and for what i pay for in taxes alone in NY just have a chance every year for a 110" -130" buck. i could pay the same amount with a ton less stress to go on ranch hunts and pay trophy fees/ lodging/taxidermy and it would still be cheaper annually.. i enjoy the chase and frustration apparently i had a buddy pay 6k for a 4 day guaranteed P&Y hunt on a "ranch" he got his buck 1 hour after arriving at the ranch. is that hunting? not in my opinion. . i would be embarrassed.. he cant wait to save $ enough to do it again. to each his own. i see the hard work and perseverance the guys on this site put in to shoot a NY mature deer. that's something i can respect!
  12. "Will "blade" tast better next year" Everyone knows aged venison tast better! I've been craving a ripe 5.5yro B&C steak my whole life. I can guarantee it will be the most deliciously satisfying meal ever.
  13. # 1 . http://www.wilsonbeeffarms.com/info/venison.html
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