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  1. Took my nefew out for his first opener. Had a great morning the buck came out and hit a scrape after watching a fox mouse around us for over an hour ! 20yd shot dropped him His first deer ...One happy kid !! He was about in tears. He asked how old it was I told him at least 7.5 and declining....the one iv been after for years
  2. 100% chance it's going to rain bullets today! Good luck to all!
  3. Been there plenty of times ... hang in there good luck
  4. I wish everyone on here would just shoot the first 4pt they see and go home for the season. I'm sick of competing with guys that work as hard as I do to shoot mature deer. .. I support QDM, but honestly if you wanna shoot a 4pt and go home and watch football the rest of the season that's great one less guy in the woods to shoot the buck I'm after! Unfortunately too many good ol boys treat deer like the enemy and try to exterminate them with total disregarded for laws or managment. Tags are plentiful and ECO are spread so thin in my area it just makes it easy.
  5. Nice one Sean. It's no 160" but nice
  6. I was down to 2 hunts left for bow. I chose not to hunt last weekend and let the property rest. Had perfect conditions for a stand I havint sat in for 3 weeks. This guy came in solo but on a mission had to give him a grunt to stop. He gave me a 15yd shot he didint even flinch he walked another few steps and tipped over ..whew!! Good luck to all that are still in pursuit.
  7. Bald buck down!! Lol.. did you put Rogaine in you mock scrape...hehe he
  8. Congrats to all that have BBD! It's crunch time
  9. Oh man.. I hate reading this while stuck at work with a buck tag in my pocket ..it's gotta be worst then waterboarding!
  10. I'm sure all you NY hunters can relate to this story... shoot your bow once, first hunt show up late to your stand. Miss a 10pt at 20yds then shoot a 190" an hour later. Only in iowa!!! https://iowawhitetail.com/forum/threads/brothers-bow-kill.56755/
  11. Deer were moving good this morning had young bucks harassing doe, hitting scrapes, sparing . 5 bucks and 3 doe total no shooters but they are bound to show up with all the hot scrapes around
  12. Great bucks already! Can wait to see dvd post a pix of that 4.5 piebald...
  13. RIP trail camera.. sorry for your loss nothing brings out the worst in people like NY deer season
  14. Not sure if pix #2 and #3 are the same deer the pix were taken a few weeks apart. Three wild pear trees that i cleared around and pruned up five years ago are now loaded and slowly dropping small green pears. my battery went dead on my camera there is so much action. The saying "the best time to plant apple trees is 15 years ago and now! " couldint be more true. All the box stores just received shipments of fall fruirt trees for $22 You can get a 6' tree that will be 12' and loaded in a few years. There is a reason apple farmers have to get nuance permits every year ..deer come from miles away and when you kill 50 doe in one year 50 more take their place the next year.
  15. I would hit it with WTI arrest. Wait 2 weeks then mow just the top just to kill the annual then hit it with some 0-20-20 (never nitrogen on clover) I have been in this situation and have made costly mistakes. Like mowing it low in August and getting a week long dry heat wave the clover never recovers. 2nd would be just trying to bring it back with a heavy dose of 10-10-10 the grass will triple and your clover be severely choked out within a few weeks . If you can't mow high then just spay and leave it.
  16. 4th of July buck! Let the games begin
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