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  1. Whoa! Nice bucks ! Years ago a buddy shot a 173" at 15 yds walking to his stand at 2:30pm said it just stood there with a doe.
  2. Congrats on the buck , but im even more impressed that you got a four wheeler and a buck in a minivan now that's skill !
  3. Thanks everyone! he was right at 20" inside
  4. Happy Halloween!!! Woods was insane this morning. 8 yd shot and he walked off 40yd and dropped. He was circling a doe bedding area @8:30am 240lb live weight guts and rage broadhead included. Hot dogs!!.
  5. damn that's scary ice. Nice fish tho!
  6. Finally the day the wind direction does not matter! Great job everyone that scored. Its alway someone's best season and someones worst just the way it goes. Best of luck next year to the diehards that never give up!
  7. The old LK93 gets another one! Really exciting hunt had 2 small bucks chasing doe all over. Felt like a late October foggy morning.
  8. Did cube steaks again this year with a hand cranker really easy and delicious. Really helps tenderize the meat and allows marinade to penetrate. Add Best marinade mix ever https://therecipecritic.com/worlds-best-steak-marinade/
  9. Based on the rule book I dont see anywhere that says it has be visible on social media. So I think we are all safe.
  10. Yea definitely unbelievable but this guy built my garage 2 years ago and my buddy green scored it @ 200 6/8" the day he shot it. You will see more of this buck. Exact details lacking but no doubt its real.
  11. Whoa that a beauty! I must be hunting a different state..:) clearly shows what age can do. It's a tough game getting attached to free range bucks. Iv been there. Hope the guy worked as hard as you did to get him. I lost one to a weekend Wally that spends 3 days a year in the woods and 0 time practicing he took a hell mary on a push and hit it in the ass. That's a tough one to swallow knowing how much time i put in and obsessed over him. No doubt another one will fill his tracks. AndI'm sure we are all guilty of shooting someone elses buck.
  12. #dreamseason! Just when you think it's never going to happen. I have been hunting hard and not seeing anything near a shooter .. a lot of 4 -6 hr sit with 0 deer . It gets discouraging and will break you if you let it. Well tonight with heavy wind I decided to sit low on my clover plot 4 doe came out at 3:30 and ate there way to the top, they got spooked and darted figured the caught my wind then I look up and see a buck nose to the ground backtracking the doe. He gave me a 60yd broadside shot and I dropped him dead in his tracks. I dont feel so stupid for wasting time in a stand anymore. I run 6 trail cams and never seen this buck. Got a 10 with bow and a 10 with the gun not breaking records books but by far my best season.
  13. Wow that hurts. Been there ! If he was a good friend I would think a $500 gift card to black and blue would be a minimum gift.
  14. Holy moly those are some great bucks.
  15. I have shot near 20 with100gr rage compound. most drop within sight, I have had quite a few not even flinch take a few steps tail flicker and drop dead. But I have many buddys that swore them off for ever also
  16. Gator my buck was 151lb field dressed. I boned it out myself for a total of 42lb of clean boneless meat. *Not counting the straps and loins
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