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  1. Taboo for me to walk in or around my plot after September but I just had to check it out . Knee high Wintergreens on the right planted Aug 4th and green patch plus on the left planted September 7th. Both are getting light brows right now. 4 active scrapes on the edges.. Me being a dope shooting baby buck has my phone ringing off the hook with buddies I never seen helping me all summer...go figure. I plan to put a few rookie first timers in there to get them hooked for life ..I feel like a heroin dealer.
  2. Bike is 75lbs I'm 6' 200lb and its perfect. It's a lot bigger in person
  3. You can do both at the same time or just throttle only. It has whats called pedal assistant, so if you want to pedal it lightens the load and you feel like you did something and saves battery life.
  4. New video out on the tube. Watch "Limited Edition Forest Green RadRover 5 Electric Fat Bike | Promotional Debut" on YouTube
  5. When I first started looking into Ebikes years ago I thought 3k for a bike ..no freaking way! Finally I found enough reasons to own one. Not only did I need a mt.bike for family fun and adventure but my hunting property is long and narrow with a slight grade uphill access. I have always walked insted of ATV'ed to stay stethy 2 of my favorite stands take 30-45 mins and no matter what I did i would be full sweat when I got there I can't say that the bike will bring more or bigger bucks but what I can say is jumping on a silent bike not leaving a sent trail and getting to the far stand in 5min was the best feeling ever! I parked it about 60yd from the stand, climbed in cool as the other side of a pillow. Then shot a buck 30 mins later. One of those things where you say why didn't I do it sooner. After much research I chose the RAD-Rover not marketed as an "hunting bike" but built with all the same high quality components for half the cost. Shipped to my door for $1600 You can check a the specs online but so far everyone's reaction when seeing it and riding it was "wow I need one" I have been on a few good 6-10mi rides and can't wait for more. I have $50 promo codes if you are remotely interested.
  6. Made a meme of myself to help other hunters overcome happy finger. Best of luck to all!
  7. Well I blew my wadd like a teenager at prom night last night. I told myself 130" or bust this year i put in a ton of work over the summer and was willing to be patient but that all went to **** when I hit the release on my second hunt. I slipped in on an oak flat and not even 30 mins later I have a nice buck come in slow i get a look at him and its a 2.5 8pt he walks by at 10yds and I take a few pix then I see a big body dark rack run in I have 0 time to judge him and know I had one chance to stop him and and shot or he's gone... and I'm my experience I don't get second chance at mature deer. I give him a bahh he stops I pull back and try to get a good look but his head was in the leafs all I could see is dark tips and a big body and one step from being gone. Well my itchy finger hit the switch while the war was going on in my head.. he ran 40 and tipped over on my 4x4 trail. To say I was a bit baffled when I walked up was an understatement. The kids thought it was great they don't know the difference between a 115" and 130" that ment more to me then meeting my goal.
  8. My first Fisher sighting in 8M I think
  9. Another great season on the LOU! I refreshed like a crackhead when the rut is on..okay and all the other days too:) Thanks for all the content!
  10. Just a corn food plot that Hasint sprouted yet.
  11. Wow hes a brute I'd say 260# not a bad buck either!! 😄
  12. Yep slow my way too, like a nursery..small bucks and small does.
  13. Innocent untill proven guilty. But it is a shame what guys will do to get that horn.
  14. Whoa! Nice bucks ! Years ago a buddy shot a 173" at 15 yds walking to his stand at 2:30pm said it just stood there with a doe.
  15. Congrats on the buck , but im even more impressed that you got a four wheeler and a buck in a minivan now that's skill !
  16. Thanks everyone! he was right at 20" inside
  17. Happy Halloween!!! Woods was insane this morning. 8 yd shot and he walked off 40yd and dropped. He was circling a doe bedding area @8:30am 240lb live weight guts and rage broadhead included. Hot dogs!!.
  18. damn that's scary ice. Nice fish tho!
  19. Finally the day the wind direction does not matter! Great job everyone that scored. Its alway someone's best season and someones worst just the way it goes. Best of luck next year to the diehards that never give up!
  20. The old LK93 gets another one! Really exciting hunt had 2 small bucks chasing doe all over. Felt like a late October foggy morning.
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