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  1. Just shot a nice 8pt chasing doe on my 1/2 clover plot very exciting hunt. Shot looked good still in my stand..
  2. It's ramping up for sure right on schedule in 8m deer flying and crashing in every direction even down wind they don't care! It sounded like a pack of wild boars grunting wheezing. Still haven't seen "my buck" yet but with the first week of NOV right around the corner it won't be long now.
  3. Man if I only had neighbors like that That is really cool if you do get to harvest it this year you should share your story and pix series with the DEC maybe they can publish it in next year's guide book. that's a great example of let them grow if you want bigger bucks. http://www.realtree.com/deer-hunting/galleries/photo-gallery-from-buttons-to-booner
  4. Nice bucks Rob. What do you guys think about this set? here is a pix from just last week 9/26/16. do you guys think it could be the same buck?
  5. I have a 4yro WPG that I got from a breeder right in WNY http://www.marshoykennel.com/ I couldn't ask for a better dog he is the most loyal obedient goofy dog I have ever had lacey at marshoy was awesome just great people to do business with Scout
  6. time is running out. last hour ... good luck!
  7. Well I struck out this year on the mature bucks lots of excuses but no horn. my QDM faith still remains strong ! gun season could turn the season around. It only takes one hunt and one deer to make it the best season ever for me.
  8. Did some calling last night with the foxpro I blew it on a double I smacked this one on my right side at 100yd then looked to my left and had one running straight at the caller . 20yds i got him to stop then shot right over him . fox fever! Did a few more sets with a possible yote sighting . . had deer walk up to us while we were playing coyote howls they didn’t seem phased by us at all .
  9. I have to agree that the mature buck is a different animal and if you are lucky enough to get a taste it is very hard to settle for anything less. But also do not condone anyone for shooting less.. unless you keep shooting bucks until you get one you are proud of like my neighbor that uses his dads, daughters wife’s tags to rid the woods of management 4pts .. that’s another story! . It took about 20 basket racks and tons of doe under my belt before I was convinced that if I want mature deer I need to stop hunting deer’s and start hunting A deer. It’s funny when I see a 100†buck, I think that would have been a trophy for me ten years ago! Then I hope he walks to my brother who would be absolute thrilled with a buck like that or makes it to next year. Although not filling every tag every year is tough to swallow sometimes (that use to be my goal) I have had great success and not every hunt has to end with a P&Y to be a great memory and experience. I run 2 cams all year and I might get 2-4 mature deer on film a year. I get about one chance a year to take a mature buck to say its though would be an understatement if I don’t capitalize on my one chance there is a very good chance that I won’t get another. When I get my hands on one it’s is truly an accomplishment to be proud of.
  10. so i still have a buck tag and its getting down to the wire. i have had very limited hunting time this year, I might have maybe10 sits in so far but I have a 5 day stretch free this week just for hunting . last night I passed on a 100-110"ish 8pt at 10yds he was young and looked like he was walking on stilts. If you guys get to this situation do you risk eating tag for a shot a mature deer right to the end?
  11. https://www.qdma.com/articles/does-logging-or-habitat-work-push-deer-away good read from QDMA : Does Logging or Habitat Work Push Deer Away?
  12. I love this thread! More of a reader then a poster but I have been following from pg1 .. but I do find it quite a downer to see JB crying everyday about not seeing deer kind of a buss kill to thread.. sorry to be harsh but I have a friend that whines so bad I can even share my success without hearing him whine that he hunts just as hard and he doesn’t see deer and it really kills the mood. Hunting is tough time and money does not always = deer.. It does get frustrating to see the BBD pic roll in when you are hunting hard and not getting the results you expect, but if it gets to a point where you measure your success by other people’s success and not enjoying the experience then maybe it’s time to take a step back and take a break. i say this with peace and love. pls do not respond negatively.
  13. For sale -I have a Big Jon dual planer board mast and 2 Cannon collapsible planer boards both lightly used and in great condition I also have a 10 releases that will go with the set, located about 30mi south of Rochester just off I390 I bought this set up new 4 years ago for $450 I no longer have a boat so they are useless to me….. PM if interested
  14. I couldn’t help but think of the famous chopper seen from FMJ “how do you shoot woman and children?.. It’s easy you just don’t lead them as much†FMJ clip- http://www.myspace.com/video/vid/586245 I guess it could happen I guess like any hunting if you’re not sure don’t shoot, and if you were sure and you were wrong I guess you have some explaining to do it could happen I have heard of a guy that wacked a German shepherd and got arrested for but could be rumor, I have been calling for over 8 years and never called a domestic dog in and if I did I would do the right thing. RUN >>>
  15. you can find a lot of good info on the bark at the moon coyote club web site I suggest watching his seminars if you are thinking about getting serious , the biggest tips I could give you is hunt down wind they are very wary so use the same percussions you would for deer x2 as far as the calling I have the FoxPro FX3 that I use the majority of the time I set it about 60-80yd out with a rabbit decoy and use a distress call I have had fox come in and grab the decoy before I even get the scope on them! I always carry a mouth call for 2 reasons on being that I have had the batteries die on the foxpro and a lot of time you will get dogs that like to talk back its eraser to use a mouth call and mimic the sound they make to get them to close the distance, if you are not sure where the packs are in your area drive around at night ,shut the truck off and use a locater howl 95% of the time you will get a response from the pack if they are there, then set up a few hundred yards down wind and start calling ,in that case I use the light challenge calls they are very territorial, when they are packed up, my partner and I sit side by side he has a 22-250 and I use 243 WSSM both have LED lights mounted on them that are good out to 100 on a dark night then we scan with a LED spot light while calling THEY CAN NOT SEE THE LED( big secret!) I put it right on them from 300yd and they come right to me just found this out last year and it has changed the way of coyote hunting.. I have tripled my success rate! http://www.gofoxpro.com/fpsounds/index.php here are my most used sounds rabbit calls 237,L50,214 yote locater 207 gets the pack going yote calls c16,,c23,c24,after the shot c17 210, Good luck, if you have a dog problem in Livingston Co ,,PM me I can fix it, Dogs like this 44# femle are definetly eating more then rabbits to get this big!
  16. Called this female yote in last night across a field, 180yd shot no lights just perfect full moon with snow, nights like that are worth losing sleep! Also bagged a fox that took 20min of barking back and forth for him to show himself but when he did he come in he sat down 25 yard in front of me,,, wrong move! Can’t wait to get out this weekend and stack’em up,
  17. Be careful how much meat you bring to Pro Cuts I heard about the bacon and had to try it, I had fresh D-boned meat so I stopped in and threw it on the counter and said I hear the bacons good! The lady went in the back and came out with a few pieces to try it was good next thing you know my meat weigh up 20lb so I put 10 into bacon and 5/5 into smoked sausages sounds good right I figured 100 bucks or so I about passed out when she gave me the total $280 I was in shock i didn’t say anything but I got back in my truck and looked at the receipt on the way out wow $7 a pound finish weight they double the weight with the pork ouch so looks like everyone I know is getting bacon and sausage for Christmas! My fault I should have did the figuring in my head on the way but that’s pretty expensive considering you can buy the top of the line bacon a wegmans for the same price but looks like they had plenty of business so maybe I’m wrong> I have been dealing with http://www.wilsonbeeffarms.com/index_files/Page7355.htm they are top notch and I highly recommend the cheese and jalapeño hot dogs I have done business with them for over 6 yrs, don’t be scared of the guy with the hook arm in the video he’s cool! They only take clean boneless meat NO HAIR
  18. here is the link to posted land right from NY DEC http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/8371.html Here are some tips from both sides of the fence! If you are going to post your property use quality sings and keep up on maintains to show that you are actively pushing the issue of NO TRESPASSING, it’s definitely gets the point across better then the 5y old paper sign faded and hanging on by it last staple! I ordered mine online from http://www.vosssigns.com I ordered the aluminum 100pk with my name and address and phone # screen printed on every sign total cost shipped to my house was $110 I used 84 of them to post 81 acres and have the spares for years to come! Unfortunately it is an eye sore bordering your property but I can guarantee that it is very intimidating when you approach my property I make it very clear, and it works I have not yet had any problems I have had people call and ask if they can track a wounded deer and I say yes I will meet you up there and drag it out for you. and trust me this is a very high pressure area with plenty of assholes You can also ask the sheriff department for posted sings they carry them in their truck and usually give you 2 of them if you are having problems I have one on every corner of my property
  19. It was a tough decision shooting this 6 but I liked his helmet so down he went at 7:20am sat, my cousin shot and txt me after I shot “MOSSY DOWN†he wasn’t kidding!!! If I would have known this 144in 8 was on his way to me I would have let the 6 walk!! But that’s hunting. It’s my first year hunting this property so I’m a little trigger happy! But next year I will be a little more patient…. It’s for both although I’m still mourning the passing of my boat, but the more deer I kill the more I forget besides it only cost me one bullet to catch a 180lb deer but for some reason I had to have 1000 lures to catch a 10lb fish!
  20. Sorry for the ****ty pix it was raining my lens was foggy got him on the 11/6 ratted him out of the brush from the ground on a windy nasty day! It left me with plenty of time to scout and let’s just say I have high hopes for tomorrow…. Good luck to all
  21. well I just watched my boat roll out of my driveway for the last time! yep I have owned a boat since I was 16 and there was actually times when I had a boat but didn’t have a vehicle to tow it, 14 years and 4 boats later I just gave it all up?!?! I think there are a lot of things that led to this but now that the boats gone I feel like someone just took a part of me and its hitting me pretty hard. I guess something hit me last fall when the farm I have hunted my whole life was bought up by the Amish I didn’t even know it was for sale but I guess they have deep pockets and made them a offer they couldn't turn down well 6 months later they bought 6 more farms in the area. this isn't a rant against the Amish I don’t blame them, it made me realize all this land that I took for granted and never paid a dime for was gone.. so I started to think about what if I had to go hunt the park or not have anywhere to hunt or even worst where are my kids going to hunt someday? I started to weight the odds and play the numbers game I found out what I could afford with a boat and without a boat well the more I thought about it the boat cost a lot of money and your lucky if a fishing boat is ever a good investment more like a money pit if you have the obsession like I do, so I decided its gone if I find the right land and so it goes I closed on my 80 acres last week. I have a lot of work to do up there to hopefully fill the void of not having a boat, an old timer told me a "they make boats every day but they stopped making land a long time ago" it kind of ring home for me... I sold the boat with every piece of tackle I own, someone got a good deal just not sure if it was me or him yet! fishing is a sport that can drive a man nuts, but trolling is a sport for nuts! I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time on lake O and the finger lakes as a Guide, first mate , fisherman and a paying customer I have seen the good the bad and the ugly, I have a lot of respect for the captains on the lake that’s a tough job! thanks LOU I have burnt up countless hours researching the threads on this site it has definitely made me a better fisherman Tights lines Doug
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