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  1. We've been working on some obedience and blind retrieves in big open water. I had him in a woah about 75 yards further back from the water from where I was standing. Bumper was about 50 yards out. This is by far the most polished one yet. hopefully the video works blind retrieve work.mp4
  2. feeling pretty cooped up lately. Dutch pointing a mosquito Its about time we had some descent weather to train in
  3. Yeah I'm starting to really appreciate his undercoat. He goes a lot farther in cold weather than a shorthair does. although on the flipside I cant push him hard at all when its "hot" out. Btw Dutch is a Griffon, I know he looks just like a wirehair but there's a few differences haha. If you want me to point you in the direction of good breeders for both wirehairs and Griffs I have a long list for both. feel free to PM me and ill get you some info. Struggling with boredom and laziness in the off season as you can see
  4. http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/9349.html This is the link to the NYSDEC list of release sites. My personal favorites are Tonawanda and oak orchard. However this late in the season it's probably hit and miss weather the DEC is releasing birds. They only had like 30000 birds this year. Anyway we had a lot of luck at Tonawanda and oak. Good luck P.s. they stock on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Tonawanda and oak orchard. Pheasant hunting is closed on those days. And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul
  5. Got a couple of pictures of Dutch's littermates today. The grouse and woodcock dog is in northern Wisconsin The duck dog is in Michigan Amazing to see so many pups out of one litter be so successful in their first season.
  6. Yeah the fun was over at that point and he wasn't really feeling like posing. He did pretty well enduring the conditions, especially for his first real late season hunt. Couldn't ask any more of him.
  7. pretty awesome shoot yesterday. Got lots of good dog work in and limited in just over an hour. Pretty mixed bag with lots of old squaw, a couple redheads, goldeneye and mallards.
  8. Finally got a successful late season duck hunt in. Dutch did a lot of good retrieving work, made 11 retrieves in just over an hour. He did finally refuse the last retrieve, but I cant say I blame him. I wouldn't want to dip my nuts in that water once let alone 12 times.
  9. I was flipping thru the post and I found a couple of other good pics from Maine that I never uploaded
  10. Well its been a while so here's an update. We've slowed down quite a bit since deer season is in full swing. I don't like to run dogs much during deer season. I did get out after thanksgiving to do a couple of planted bird hunts with some young kids and younger folks interested in getting into bird hunting. Its interesting to see Dutch handle a planted bird now that he's had a lot of wild bird experience. a lot of long, long, long points and some pretty impressive steadiness. I like it. the bird is almost out of frame to the left in this picture
  11. Temperament as far as bird dogs go is pretty laid back. That was part of the draw for me. He's pretty goofy for sure. He doesn't have that serious aloof air about him that usually comes with a pointer. He is a goofy bastard... all. the. time. He's great with kids, a little rambunctious for the smaller ones but he's still a puppy yet. I haven't found a mean bone in his body yet. He's serious when he's hunting but he's not brutal if that makes sense to you. he doesn't even try to kill crippled birds. All that said that's exactly what his parents were like. "goofy" is pretty much a breed characteristic as far as I can tell, but im sure you could find some aloof ones as well. Very easy dog to live with. and I think that would be a necessity if you get one. Everything I've heard and observed points to them not doing well in an outdoor kennel situation. They need companionship. They definitely aren't like shorthairs or wirehairs mentally. So if that all sounds good to you id say go for it. What kennel are you looking at? IF you want to PM me I looked at a lot of kennels and I can point you in some directions. Hope that helps.
  12. Sorry for the blurry picture. A little unorthodox but he got the job done. He's turning into a meat dog... its not usually pretty, and its hardly ever perfect but damnitall he gets the job done one way or another and theres usually meat in the bag..
  13. Hunted Hemlock on Monday and Oak Orchard on Wednesday. Put up two birds at Hemlock and shot one. Only put up one bird at oak orchard (shot that one too). Seems like there was quite a few guys out (especially at Oak Orchard) for weekdays. Nice to see guys out working dogs.
  14. Yeah I noticed in that picture that he's really starting to "chest out" quite a bit too. Before we left for Maine/NH he was 73 pounds. Ran off 6 and put 3 back on... and he's build like a brick sh*thouse.. another year and i'm not sure ill be able to keep up with him.. He's got boundless energy allready
  15. Well here you have it. I hunted an hour and a half at Oak Orchard yesterday and flushed 4 roosters. The first three got the pass. Trying to steady up the new puppy. The last one he handled perfectly and it got a dosage of lead.