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  1. Big laker on the bottom in 140. Not marking much besides that
  2. Well that sealed my fate havnt made a mark since haha
  3. Havnt moved anything yet. Didn't mark hardly anything inside. Have some decent marks out in 150. NE of the bay. 75 to 110 down
  4. I think i'm gonna be going out of I-bay tomorrow for a quick trip. Been seeing a lot of mixed reports but hoping to get into something. If I get anything going ill be sure to post it here right away. I'm trying to decide weather I should start tight for browns at all? has anyone had any luck on the inside? I may make a couple passes tight then run out to 150ish and work in
  5. Well bird season has snuck up and bit us right on the a$$ Its time to get serious
  6. +
  7. Probobly a little late but we went north of deans. Small [email protected] spoon on 8 color leadcore was hot... but we couldn't seem to get out of dink city.. pulled about 15 dink bows and browns. Pink medium dreamweaver at 40 on the rigger was good too. Surprisingly the best fish were three Lakers that hit up high 40 and 50 on the rigger. Again pink dreamweaver and orange and blue dreamweaver Pretty choppy out there. The new boat handled it perfectly
  8. Cayuga

    yeah I see what ur saying I think. it may not be accurate to the tenth of a mph in heavy current? I guess my point is ill have a better idea of weather I have to do 3.5 or 1.2 on the surface vs. without a probe giving me some idea of my down speed... id just be guessing. educated guessing but guessing nonetheless
  9. Cayuga

    hey you cant put a price on fun les
  10. Cayuga

    I would say the most attractive part of the fish hawk for me isn't so much temperature at depth... I can find the thermocline and fish marks with my sonar all day. I'm more interested in knowing what my down speed is in current. Like has been said, not so much for the finger lakes but for Lake O when there's heavy current or even for deeper walleye fishing. Again I can guestimate what the gear is doing based on the hum or angle of the rigger cables etc. but it'd be a lot easier to have a probe telling you exactly what your down speed is. On days when fish are hitting everything everywhere at every speed it doesn't make a difference. But I think it would help a lot on days when fish are finicky (every day with walleye) and are hitting at 2.4 mph... not 2.3, not 2.5, but 2.4.. I haven't used one but id say it also makes it easier to target a thermocline. There may be places in the lake that it sits at 40 but a few miles one way or another maybe its at 60.. In my opinion the more consistent you can be with your down speed, down temp etc. once you find out what the fish want the more successful you will be. especially on marginal days. And that ladies and gentleman is how I justify how much a fish hawk will cost me haha
  11. Cayuga

    Yeah I saw that. Incredible fish. I saw another post a couple weeks ago with like a 10 pound LL out of Cayuga And another a couple weeks before that with a monster Laker out of Cayuga. It seems like there's a lot of consistent reports of nice bows and browns too. That water has definitely been producing this year and I gotchya. that's definitely going to be my next purchase is a fish hawk
  12. Cayuga

    I think the area had a lot of rain the day/night before and I'm wondering if that messed up some temp breaks or at least shut the fish off for a little while that were stacked higher in the water column. Either way we had a pretty consistent pick of Lakers which was definitely better than nothing. Di you have any other luck in tight? The biggest laker had about a 5 inch alewife in it.
  13. Cayuga

    I had gear at 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 80 and 90 all day. Ran a variety of spoon sizes and colors and a couple of sticks. dipseys, lead and riggers. just couldn't get anything to hit up high. varied speed from 2.1 to 2.8... Marked plenty of fish and bait in 55 to 60 just wasn't our day to get anything but lakers. im not complaining by any means, im just sharing the info and what worked for us yesterday
  14. Cayuga

    Cayuga 9/4 Launched early out of Myers and headed north to Milliken. Had a little slow start. Didn't have good screens until we were inside 140 FOW. Marked a ton of bait and fish right in front of Milliken. Picked up a lot of decent lakers 80 to 90 ft down on riggers and green spoons over 100 to 140 FOW. We crossed over to Treeman and pretty much had the same thing goin over there. Couldn't seem to get any silver to hit but it was a decent day.
  15. Cannon Easi-Troll Downrigger with Swivel Base $150 Cannon Easi-Troll downriver ready to go with Swivel base. 2foot stainless boom $150 obo PM me if interested