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  1. That's a great looking pup. reminds me a little of what Dutch looked like when he was a puppy coat looks a little longer but structure wise. You might be in for a good sized dog
  2. The reason I went so far for my pup was mainly due to availability when I was looking to get a dog. Add the credentials that his parents had and the credentials the breeder had and it was a no brainer for me. They aren't like GSP's, there aren't 12 breeders between Rochester and Buffalo to choose from. The year I got Dutch there were 112 registered griff litters in the U.S. vs. 32,000 lab litters. If you're serious about getting one you're probably going to have to work for it. For a more common breed id agree with you, there's hardly a reason to drive hundreds of miles. Marshoy was the first kennel I contacted when I was looking for a pup because they were local. At that time they weren't planning any breeding's and told me to look elsewhere. The next "local" breeder I found was in New Hampshire, and they had 10 people on a waiting list for a breeding a year out and weren't accepting any more reservations. I think that's the biggest problem with griffs is they're hard to find. Even if you do find a local litter like marshoy, you may be 12th on the list. I was on 6 lists for breeding's from New Brunswick to Montana to South Carolina. So yes, I would recommend looking locally for starters, Marshoy is a great start, but if you're really serious about getting a griff I would hold the notion in the back of your mind that you might to have to travel. I know Onion had a similar experience trying to locate a pup. It looks like marshoy has pups available now? so anyone wanting one close... get on it. Diver that's a great look-in dog as well. I think a lot can be said for the breed and breeders in that they're all very conscious about producing great, healthy, good looking pups. hard to find or not...
  3. Dutch has made pretty much a full recovery. The hair is even coming back in nice. Back to training Onion congrats on the new pup. Ill look forward to seeing pictures and updates either here or in your own post
  4. Yeah don't worry. I was cranking on that collar pretty hard. Everything went so fast I didn't even have time to explore more extreme measures. perch I don't think it altered his temperament at all. even right after he was waggin his tail. My friend that I took him to for surgery for had 5 dogs (including a pair of pitts that are very well trained) and he was his old self playing with them both before and after surgery. I made sure I got him around friendly dogs right away, and frequently since the fight. He seems to be fine thankfully. Dennis that blows. Id be pretty pissed in that situation. If anything i'm hoping this prompts the other owner to at least get into obedience class or something. It may be too late to socialize with other dogs but some training needs to happen.
  5. Glad to hear you have a date to pick the pup up. Id love to come out and meet him/her once you get settled in.
  6. Thanks for the wishes. And yeah I agree you can never trust a dog to be rock solid. What bugs me is I got talking to the owner of this dog after the incident. It was 10 months old, and had never been socialized at all with other dogs (and my guess.. anything else). One of those situations where both owners have a job, leave the dog locked in a room all day, take it for a walk when they get home and that's it. I understand that a lot of it is my fault for not asking those questions beforehand. On the other hand it could probably have been avoided with basic training and socialization
  7. Yeah this dog had a nylon collar on and I got my hand in it and twisted the collar to choke him off. Once I heard the gurgling and gagging I knew it was just a matter of time. I was totally prepared to deal with the owner if they had a problem with it too. its not my fault your dog cant behave. I tell you what if another dog has ahold of mine I'm not gonna stop short of anything to win. Id rather take the chance of suffocating a dog to save mine than watch mine get torn apart. And trust me once I get my mitts on something it doesn't stand a chance. There's no reason to have an animal that behaves like that. do some ****ing training people
  8. Yeah as I'm sure you know it all happened pretty fast. There wasn't any indications that the dog was going to be aggressive. not even raised hackles. Another token of advice is if you do have a fight and you cant get a dog to let go (as most bully breeds instinct is to grab and hold) find a way to cut off the air supply. If that doesn't work right away eventually the bastard will pass out, and maybe you'll feel somewhat redeemed. probably not tho. Its amazing to see a friendly dog flip a switch when push comes to shove. I'm glad none of your dogs got hurt. And pretty grateful that we got Dutch straightened out.
  9. Well we finally had our first major medical speedbump. The goofy loveable bastard got attacked by another not so friendly dog. Long story short it was probably my fault. It was a dog I was unfamiliar with and they had about 3 minutes of playing and tail waggin. Before you could say holy **** the other dog had a lock-jawed grip on Dutch's shoulder. Fast forward 24 hours and he had a wicked infection around his elbow and severe pain. Luckily a friend of mine is a DVM. we did a pool table surgery and installed a drain. Fast forward another 48 hours, some HEAVY antibiotics/anti-inflammatory and the pup is pretty much back to normal. The drain will stay in for another 4 or 5 days just to make sure all the dead space heals properly. So I guess my piece of advice (which I'm sure you all know, but it bears repeating) is don't trust any dog you don't know. Don't even trust one you do know. When I was breaking up the fight Dutch put a lot of holes in me (I don't blame him, he was fighting for his life and grabbing the closest thing to his face, which was me). Needless to say, summer training is put on hold for now
  10. We've been working on some obedience and blind retrieves in big open water. I had him in a woah about 75 yards further back from the water from where I was standing. Bumper was about 50 yards out. This is by far the most polished one yet. hopefully the video works blind retrieve work.mp4
  11. feeling pretty cooped up lately. Dutch pointing a mosquito Its about time we had some descent weather to train in
  12. Yeah I'm starting to really appreciate his undercoat. He goes a lot farther in cold weather than a shorthair does. although on the flipside I cant push him hard at all when its "hot" out. Btw Dutch is a Griffon, I know he looks just like a wirehair but there's a few differences haha. If you want me to point you in the direction of good breeders for both wirehairs and Griffs I have a long list for both. feel free to PM me and ill get you some info. Struggling with boredom and laziness in the off season as you can see
  13. http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/9349.html This is the link to the NYSDEC list of release sites. My personal favorites are Tonawanda and oak orchard. However this late in the season it's probably hit and miss weather the DEC is releasing birds. They only had like 30000 birds this year. Anyway we had a lot of luck at Tonawanda and oak. Good luck P.s. they stock on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Tonawanda and oak orchard. Pheasant hunting is closed on those days. And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul
  14. Got a couple of pictures of Dutch's littermates today. The grouse and woodcock dog is in northern Wisconsin The duck dog is in Michigan Amazing to see so many pups out of one litter be so successful in their first season.
  15. Yeah the fun was over at that point and he wasn't really feeling like posing. He did pretty well enduring the conditions, especially for his first real late season hunt. Couldn't ask any more of him.