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  1. Now I feel like I've been hard on them haha. Drahths can be lovy dovy just not nearly to the extent that griffs are. They just have different personalities as a rule.
  2. Funny you should mention being excited to see what he's like at 2... Dutch turns 2 tomorrow and I can honestly say that dog never ceases to amaze me. Not just with hunting ability but obedience and manners as well. And like onion said intelligence is there and it makes training easy. He's not stubborn either. Which again makes training easy. And on that note I'll tell you what I've noticed for differences. The most glaring difference to me is in the personality. Most drahth's I've seen are what I'd call "sharp" and aloof. Tons of instinct and prey drive and they aren't so concerned with weather you're keeping up or not. With them you're more an alpha than a hunting buddy. And They'll hunt just to hunt. They were originally bred to hunt everything. Birds. Fox. Deer. The German hunt test actually still includes a Fox retrieve and blood tracking I believe. Whatever it is a drahth thinks it was put on this earth to kill it. You may be able to find a german wirehair that's a bit softer (really the same breed just not held to the same registration standards) but most true drahths are real sharp. I figure you've gathered that griffs are pretty much the opposite. I wouldn't say any of that is a pro or a con. It's all about what you want. If you really break it down... even if you're a hardcore birdhunter how much time do you spend in the field with a dog? Maybe TOPS a quarter of the days in a year? The rest is being In the household and training... for me I wanted a dog that was easy to live with 260 days out of the year and would curl up under my desk at my feet at work but would turn it on when I can hunt. That's the WPG. Beyond that appearance wise pretty similar. I'd say generally griffs have a bit longer coat but functionally they're pretty identical. Dutch gets confused for a german wirehair all the time.
  3. Best of luck. You'll both be hooked in no time haha. Let us know how it goes. I'd recommend looking into NAVHDA in the spring as well. Great organization and tons of training help there
  4. Sure thing. How's ur pup doin? Have you had a chance to hunt her anymore?
  5. They certainly are quick and small.. And erratic haha. Did you flush it over in Tonawanda? No real breed specific quirks I don't think. Mostly training mistakes that I have made. When he was a pup I tried to boost his desire by letting him chase after a flush... that doesn't work well on a woodcock that only flushes 50 yards. We're working it out though. Knock on wood he's been very steady to wing and shot lately. He has a VERY soft mouth. To the point that he'll drop a bird now and again. That doesn't work well on a wounded duck. But I never force fetched him either. His retrieve is 100 percent natural and rock solid outside of that. But those are training issues not breed issues I guess one thing I'd say is breed specific from what I've seen is their brains and bodies are a lot slower developing than some other breeds. And the ones I've seen have been very "soft". You can't be harsh with them. Dutch will shut right down if I get frustrated. They work much better off of positive reinforcement and they really want to please. But.... every dog is different. They all have different breaking points and limits.
  6. yeah he definitely has his quirks. as does any dog. but i'm super impressed with his hunting and bird handling. Especially for not even being 2 yet. Ive never had a dog that had such an ability to turn it on and off either. We hunted Saturday for about an hour and only put up one woodcock. Hoping to make the trip north this weekend for Grouse And woodcock. Keep posted.
  7. We flushed 4 woodcock and killed one in a quick hunt this morning and then switched gears and killed some pheasants. I think that storm finally pushed some woodcock in. I'm hearing rumblings of some good woodcock hunts across the northern part of the state today and yesterday. My sister had an inch of snow up at Paul Smiths yesterday. It feels like the weather is finally here. Time to hit it
  8. Well I hunted state released pheasants... the pheasant release area had grass about 8 feet high, and we found 7 predator killed birds. and that was it. Definitely looking to get into the grouse woods instead and hoping we get a good woodcock flight
  9. I think yotes get the blame for killing birds that hawks deserve. don't get me wrong they don't help... but hawks are brutal on bird populations. Especially pheasants. Either way it would be helpful if more people still trapped.
  10. Yeah I heard another guy flushed one there. Another guy told me that he gets into them at Rattlesnake down in Dansville. I usually don't do too bad around the Binghamton area but I've done years of scouting there and have a lot of good spots marked on the map. The only bad part bout hunting Maine is that it definitely spoils you.
  11. Well here's the final Maine report. We didn't flush as many birds as we did last year. The weather was very warm and there definitely weren't any migrating woodcock. Grouse numbers seemed to be pretty good. We had about 30 flushes the first day and averaged 20 flushes on the other days, with one slow day in the mix. We flushed woodcock here and there and actually flushed a few snipe too. I think total bird count was 15 grouse and 12 woodcock and 3 hares. The pic with the birds on the step was mid-weekShooting was less than stellar, we could have killed a lot more birds but the dog work was great. Dutch was pretty shot by the end of the week. He lost quite a bit of weight up there despite having extra food and a can of tuna every day. Poor guy lost all of the hair on his face again but he was working his ass off. For anybody looking to do a bird hunting trip Maine is a good place to consider. Good bird numbers and a small game license is cheap. I have a buddy in the UP of Michigan right now and he's getting into decent bird numbers. Another in Northern Wisconsin and bird numbers seem to be really low out there. Everyone is saying the same thing. When are we going to see temps south of 70 during the day!?!?! brutal.. but the season is here and were making the most of it. More reports to come
  12. We're up in northern maine. Ashland area. We didn't do as well today. 11 grouse flushes and 9 woodcock flushes. 1 dead grouse and 4 dead woodcock. We hunted some spots that were good last year and the birds just weren't there. Regardless it's still awesome to be up here. Dutch is doing great. More updates tomorrow.
  13. Well here's the first day report. Hunted from 730 to 530 with a 20 minute lunch break. Had 34 grouse flushes and 21 woodcock flushes. Shooting was pretty rough.... we killed 4 of each. Should have killed a few more but. I guess the first day is for knocking rust off. Dutch had some awesome work.
  14. Onion that's great. Hopefully she got bit by the bug. Allways great to get kids out. Missdemeanor that's a stud of a dog for being 10 months. Let us know how he does. Tg8 that's a great looking griff. Have you hunted her at all? We're all settled in and ready to rock in the morning.