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    The season hasn't kicked the bucket yet. Plenty of birds around.
  2. New bird dog puppy

    quick hunt this morning. in some nasty weather.
  3. New bird dog puppy

    yeah it does take a lot of time for a full coat to come in on them. I've heard up to 3 years. So Dutch got an infection this summer and had to have a drain put in. The Vet shaved the spot and I'm thinking sh*t its going to take a year to grow that hair back. well it was slow for sure but I believe its fully grown in now. Id say it took a good 6 months
  4. New bird dog puppy

    I actually never trimmed his hair. I never even brush him hardly (except to remove burrs). He hunts through thick cover so hard (lets be honest he's a bit clumsy sometimes) that he actually rubs it all off and it doesn't grow back fast enough to grow into long traditional furnishings. Below ill post a picture of when he was about 6 months old and had never really busted brush vs. a couple pictures after a week of hunting hard in Maine. You'll see what I mean. He's never been a super hairy griff anyway. His furnishings and coat are on the short coarse side. The female he's out of looks exactly the same so I'm wondering if its somewhat genetic And I feel terrible when he gets so raw. I do everything I can to try and prevent it, Vaseline on his brows, trying to slow him down in cover, but he just gets beat up after a week straight of hunting. Its not like its even all day every day. its just so many days of hunting in a row in thick cover I think that tears him up
  5. New bird dog puppy

    Good lookin puppies
  6. New bird dog puppy

    Well it's officially official. Were heading out to Wisconsin at the end of March to get a pup for my sister and her boyfriend. This one will be out of the same parents Dutch is out of. It'll be interesting to see how a pup out of the same breeding progresses. Ill keep everybody here posted. Other than that the end of grouse season has been awful slow. Gotten out to do some planted birds here and there but that's about the extent of our luck
  7. Grouse thread

    sounds like a pretty awesome day. Especially around here and so late in the season. With or without dogs its tough this time of year is tough. We've been slowly picking away a couple flushes at a time. Its fun to watch two dogs work together for sure. I hunted with a pointer and flusher combo for the first time the other day. I think it greatly increased our success because the pointer got out in front, let you know a bird was there, and you could pick a shooting lane and be ready while the flusher moved the bird. Quite a bit of fun. Keep the reports coming

    I agree, I love seeing how much success there's been in the field this season. I especially like seeing posts of youngsters getting into hunting and fishing. I'm lucky enough to spend half of my time out here and half of my time at the farm in the southern tier. I get spread kind of thin but I get a lot of opportunity for different kinds of hunting. Like you said its hard to hunt late season waterfowl out there, but the grouse are nonexistent out here. Gotta capitalize on what's available. Everyone likes to complain about NY (myself included, and for good reason) but you have to admit that we have a lot of different hunting and fishing opportunities and resources. I always try to remind myself when I complain about stale birds or low grouse numbers that at least I have the opportunity to hunt both in the same state (often on the same day). Gotta love it

    Finished my late season with a first for me. Shot a gorgeous white wing scoter drake. We hunted Ontario and had another group of guys come in to set up. It was a tight spot and we would have been on top of each other so they were gracious enough to let us hunt over their spread. Didn't do alot of shooting. Mostly just watched birds come in and drakes fall. But I did get the only crack at a scoter. Awesome late season for us. On to bunny season. Stay safe out there
  10. Great start with young dog

    X2 The more bird contact you can get him in the off season the better he'll be doing the real deal
  11. Great start with young dog

    He's a great looking dog. Glad to hear things are going well with him. It always adds to the fun being able to watch a dog grow and learn to work

    Well another day on cayuga and another small limit of redheads. And believe it or not another banded redhead drake. This one from Saskatchewan in 2014. The majority of birds we saw were redheads and there's plenty of them. Good luck out there. I'm taking a day off tomorrow.

    Yeah I thought the same thing. Although it was banded 5 years ago. That's a lot of migration. we're doing cayuga tomorrow again and yeah 20 degrees with mild wind sounds Damn inviting haha

    Hunted Cayuga just north of aurora this morning. It was pretty brutal. Tons of birds moving but definately not for the faint of heart. Keeping gear out was almost impossible because of the waves. It was mostly pass shooting. Managed to shoot 8 redheads and a black. Had a big beautiful single drake come in on the longline that my buddy shot. Banded in Alberta in 2012. Pretty cool. There's plenty of birds there.