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  1. I think he is a out of stater look close at his location I think nj means New Jersey?????????????? P.S I love to float fish when it is needed to catch fish
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    Kappy you must have some deep problem..... You talk about taxes and crap like that andpeople getting out andenjoying the great out doors. Well its not just yours it belongs to everyone and people like you hurt the rest of us by being selfish and it is all mine..... Well I for one will make sure I bring as many of my icefishing and boat fishing friends to your so called privite little bay and fish as much as I can because the more of us that hunt and fish make our hunting and fishing rights strohttp://www.lakeontariounited.com/fi ... 14937#nger
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    It is all about what kind of hunter you are ....... I will not shoot any gun at game unless I can make a clean kill. If everyone of us hunters used the same thought we would all be safe in the woods w/shotgun,rifle or handgun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. 1988 Star Craft SFM160 for sale It is a 17ft open bow with a pedistal fishing seat in the bow and a pedistal seat in the stern. It has a evenrude 60hp motor, the top end rebilt 2 yrs ago also has a troling plate with auto trim The moter is also oil injected. The boat has a 10 gallon gas tank it has a 15gal live well with pump 2 batteries with a trickle charger for accesory batt. A Lawrance fish finder with speed and temp 2 cannon 10 electric down riggers w/2 6# and 2 12# cannon weights assorted relaeses for down riggers It has a high/low band radio w/antenna It has a galvanized trailor I am asking 5000.00 or best offer The boat is set up to fish trout and samon or perch or bass also will throw in planner boards and posts with all the releases you will ever need If interested call 315 331-4577 or just answer on this page Thank You
  5. I have a bunch of spoons that are realy tarnished, or dull. They are ether crome or silver. Most are sutton or flutter spoons I would realy not like to replace them. Can anyone help?????
  6. Been out 2 times and have not done well. Iam new to this fishing and see boat after boat land fish. I run my lines 80ft off the boards and run 2.0 to 2.8 mph, also I look for 45 to 47 degree water but still only get 1 or 2 fish each time NEED HELP!!!!!!! any thing would be fine :?
  7. I have been using big game green, (12lb) with a 12lb floro leader for three years for browns and 20lb setup for kings two years and had know problems at all. The kings you just can't mussel um !!!!!!!!. With the cost of gas I had to save some money so big game is it.. You also must check any line before every fishing trip (knots ext...) or it won't matter what line you use GOOD FISHING
  8. Sodus Bay coastgaurd launch is going to be tuff if they don't raise the water level on the lake, this year duck hunting I ran aground 75' south of the launch. But if I hear that the fishing is hot I will use my row boat with my boards........ Man I can't wait
  9. Sat. I was out off grassy point in about 7 fow with my son, and we slamed the perch. We brought home 42 all 10 to 14 inches, and put back anything smaller. I think the perch are moving in to eat the fry??????? This year has been a good perch season,!!!!!!!!!! And yes the pike cost me more jigs, Had 2 on with 4# line and they won. Try fishing on the bottem with a minnow on a white glow jig and fish up until you find the big ones. Sat they were up about 2ft off the bottem.
  10. Thanks !!!!!!!! But I forgot one thing, what size rubberband do you sudgest??? Thanks and good fishing.....
  11. This year I will be doing alot of fishing by my self, and I would like to use sliders or some other way to get more bait in the water with only 2 poles off the downriggers. I have only heard of rubber bands but I do not know how to rig it. I would like to have the slider lock :?:
  12. Fished last sat. from sun up till 1pm off Shaiker and got a limmit of 10 to14 inch perch. I found them in the 25 fow range. They hit just off the bottom with any jig white with a minnow. And ps the pike liked this set up also, cost me some jigs........
  13. I'm from Newark NY and I fish out of sodus, with some very good luck so far. I am very new to this type of fishing but I'm learning.
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