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  1. Bump.........FREE shipping $750 W/O power cable, or $800 W/power cable.
  2. If you already have a power cable I will reduce price to $750 +$20 freight. Edd
  3. One unit left, please re-read the ad. Edd
  4. One unit sold.....new package price! Also will sell either separately.
  5. SPECIAL PRICE FOR TODAY ONLY......$1750 for all 3 pieces. FREE shipping!
  6. Hi Jeff. You will get gimbal bracket, knobs, sun cover and power cable for each HDS Touch unit. The SonarHub comes with a power cable and a Ethernet cable. Sorry it took so long to respond, been very busy. Edd
  7. If you buy the package, both MFD's can display CHIRP sonar if networked. machzrcr.....thanks for the kind words. Edd
  8. So my plans have changed.....the deal has also changed. I have 2 7 inch models for sale. One is a combo and one is chart only. Combo for $850 no transducer FREE shipping. Chart only model $750 FREE shipping. SOLD! BOTH units together for $1550 FREE shipping. SonarHub module for additional $350. Makes a nice CHIRP package with Touch units! SOLD! Or buy both for $1100.00 Used but in impeccable condition. I am upgrading to Gen3. Contact me by PM or you can call/text 559-916-9145 Edd
  9. The CutCo for sure at the house, but don't overlook the BUCK fillet and bait knives for the boat. The Bucks are cheap enough that an over-the-rail incident isn't a financial killer. Edd
  10. Edd

    Are these fish?

    Go into your sonar installation menu and check which transducer you have selected. If yours has a (10K) after the trans number change the selection to the same trans but with (5K). This should clear up your surface temp problem. Edd
  11. If you use the 'pancake' style weight, you can mount a GoPro by drilling a single hole in the fin. Edd
  12. Shellback is correct. When using DSI you will not see the typical fish arch, but instead you will see dots or specks. The brighter the dot/speck generally signifies a larger fish. I would think a better unit for you would have been the Elite-7 HDI. You would get the traditional 2-D sonar as well as DownScan imaging and the charts. If you're not networking with Ethernet or require full NMEA network-ability, this Elite-7 HDI is the hottest unit out there. Edd
  13. WOW! this seems like a pretty good deal on the Gen1 package. Where was this when I was looking 2 weeks ago? This won't be here long. Edd
  14. Just by chance, do you have a Micro SD card inserted into the unit? If so, remove it and try reboot again. Edd
  15. Let's consider a few things here; 1-By 'on plane' I am assuming you mean over 25 mph, so when you consider the size and species of the fish, the diameter of the cone angle at the depth of the fish, and the speed of the boat traveling over the fish, you are likely already marking fish, but, they would be very small specks or dots on your screen. And it doesn't really matter which transducer you are using. There's just not much you can do about it! If you really want a different transducer you can check Airmar's fine line-up. You can spend from about $135 to about $800 and you will get marked improvement in your target seperation and identification, but I doubt you will be able to see fish arches while on plane. If you do pull the plug on a new ducer, remember to change the transducer selection to the proper model in the 'Installation' part of your Sonar/Sonar menu. Edd
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