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  1. Scientific Anglers System 2 Model 78M Fly Reel (NEW) 100.00 Contact: Shawn 802-265-8285
  2. 4 Okuma Convector reels USED but in good condition 120.00 for all! Big Jon Otter Boards USED in good condition 130.00 for the pair! Big Jon Dual Manual Planer Mast Everything new with new line on both reels! 160.00 firm! Contact: Shawn 802-265-8285
  3. Michigan angler lands 41-pound brown trout The 41-pound, 7-ounce brown trout caught by Rockford, Mich. angler Tom Healy on the Manistee River Tuesday may be a new world record for the species. The current IGFA record is a 40-pound, 4-ounce Arkansas brown trout caught in 1992. "This is one of the most amazing fish I've seen in my life," said Todd Kalish, fisheries supervisor for the Central Lake Michigan unit. In the Grand Rapids Press.
  4. I have an extensive line and I can send you a catalog if you like. Just Pm me your e-mail and I will get it out to you pronto. CV45d. Are these left or right handed reels/ shawn 802-265-8285
  5. Hey Al, Sorry I havent called you back yet. Busy, busy, busy my friend. Nice job on the steelies. Good eats for sure. I will call you this weekend. And I too am glad your boat is up, running and catching fish. <>< Shawn
  6. I have a lure business and could definitely give you all the cranks you want. <>< Shawn 802-265-8285
  7. Awesome fish! Too bad about not having a ticket. thats gotta be a terrible feeling. catching the fish of a lifetime and then realizing you could have been 20.000 for the better with a 25.00 ticket. great job on landing that brute.
  8. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):8/28/09 Time on Water:6am to 1am 3pm to 7:30pm Weather/Temp:5 to 10 Wind Speed/Direction:east Waves:1 to 2s Surface Temp: Location:oswego LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits:13 Total Boated:10 Species Breakdown:7 kings,2 cohos,1 laker Hot Lure: white paddles and spinnies with green dots/ green crinkle atommiks Trolling Speed:2.9 Down Speed: 2.2 Boat Depth: 130 to 150 Lure Depth: 85 to 115 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== had the time of our lives with 4 fish in the morning and the rest coming in the afternoon. We knew it was gonna be good when we started to set up in the afternoon and couldnt get 3 rods in the water before being locked up. the wire dipsys between 230 and 260 couldnt get down fast enough! It was like somebody hit a light switch. everybody was catching fish. the cohos were 10 & 12bs and the kings were 18 to 25lbs.
  9. 2 - 9 foot Ugly Sticks(new) Spinning rods 70.00 OBO shawn 802-265-8285 802-558-1036
  10. This is some gear that was stuffed way back in a closet from about 10 or more years ago. If its worth something to someone get ahold of me. 24 Dodgers(Mostly all glow) 23 Squid(Mostly rigged) 2 Twinkies 1 Blue Fly Box and Vinyl Sleeves for Dodgers Make me an offer!! Shawn 802-265-8285
  11. The landlocks get tough this time of year and lakers can really save a day almost always. I think our lake is changing quite a bit. The lampreys are being treated again, But we have a ways to go. Alewives have pretty much taken over and the smelt are not where they usually are. But we are adapting and seeing more bigger fish than at any time in the last 10 years. 8,9,10lb landlocks are there to be had and lakers finally getting in the mid teens. Also the last couple seasons the Browns have been really good early. Our best fishing is from Oct thru Ice up. Incredible salmon fishing this time of year. If you match the tackle to the fish they are really great sport..
  12. Here are few pics from last Saturdays trip. Stared out early in Whalons Bay and caught 6 short salmon in 2 hours. Decided to switch gears and bounce bottom for lakers. Had a really good day for Lake Champlain. Took all of our fish in 80 to 100 FOW with vertical blades and NN spoons. Here are a few pictures, I hope you enjoy them. view looking east towards Thompsons Point from Whalins Bay Frankie"Fishinmachine"Kurant with an average size LC laker Another And so on
  13. Just wondering if anyone uses any of the scents on the market and how they have worked. Some people use them here on Lake Champlain and I didnt know if it would be worth bringing or trying when I come out to Lake O in a few weeks. Some of the products I have tried are: Smelly Jelly which I found if not totally wiped off your lure afterwords will ruin the finish. MegaBite made by mustad Smeltrite made here in Vt
  14. Just looking to see the differences in the way people rig their boats. I have a Lund 2150 baron Magnum and I would like to see how other guys have rigged theirs up. Always looking for new ideas or ways to make things better or more ergonomically friendly.
  15. Products look great. I ask only because I am just starting to tape and design my own creations and also where I live there is a huge following of tapeheads. I will refer them to your site. Take care and thanks for answering my questions. <><
  16. Do you plan on carrying any glow tapes and making glow ladderbacks?
  17. I actually watched an episode on In Fisherman where they were trolling Lake O after dark for Kings and they smacked them pretty good. Just when everybody else was coming in for the night they were headed out. Then again with any of those shows it might of took them a week to get the 1/2 hour worth of footage I saw.
  18. Brand new in the box. Still sealed. Got new boat this year and got a Fish Hawk as a present. 375.00 firm <>< Shawn Hayes 802-265-8285 802-558-5770
  19. 4 Captains Packs used only 1 season. Complete and very well taken care of. Reason for selling. Upgraded to big Jon Tournament Pros. These were bought new last year and only used last season. Price 1600.00 firm *If you want the weight retrieval sytstem on them as well it will be 1660.00 <>< Shawn Hayes 802-265-8285 802-558-1036
  20. Thanks guys. This is probably the best forum I have been on. Great information and sharing. Good stuff.-Shawn
  21. I am from VT and my gear is all for Lake Champlain mostly. I am coming to Lake O soon and wanted a starter package list of sorts. Spoons? What length and colors? Maybe a dozen? Line / What lb test & should I run 30Lb to deter fleas or buy Flea Flik'r? Rods? I have a bunch of 8'3 Ugly Stick downrigger rods I use for lakers, will these be adequate? Dodgers/Flashers/attractors? What sizes and colors if you were only gonna get a half dozen? I have several 3 1/4 to 3 3/4' spoons from Stinger and Northern King? Will these work or should I run larger sizes? And last where is the cheapest place to purchase all this equipment?
  22. I have only trolled Ontario twice. I have fished the rivers for Kings and steelies but trolling is my passion.Does anyone ever run vertical blades or blades attached to downrigger cable. How frequently do salmon hit close to the ball? I am coming out to Lake O in two weeks and fishing with a friend who hasnt fished there in 15 years we are staying in Oswego. I only have 12 pound weights. Will they be heavy enough at the speeds necessary for salmon fishing out there?I live in Vt and fish champlain primarily. I am ready to start fishing Ontario regularly. Any and all help will be appreciated. I am psyched!!
  23. I have copied the IMg code and pasted it with no results. Is there soemthing I am missing? Thanks for any and all help.
  24. I have been to every Cabelas website and cannot find the lowrance lcx27c or the globalmap 5200 anywhere. Somebody got a heck of a great deal.-Shawn
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