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  1. I have a wife....Some have said that a wife is priceless.... I'll trade you my priceless wife for your $2800 canoe....
  2. Haha! Nice one! In the summer when I get bored in the evening, I slip down to the finger lakes trib behind my house and can usually catch some monsters. Love to use my steelhead setup with bread balls. Man can they fight.
  3. I live in Locke and Hewett Brothers has non ethanol gas.. Im not sure but I believe its cash only and its around $3.05
  4. FML.. live reports tweeted...now Ill have to eat all the harassment Ive ever given my wife for twitter...
  5. No worries man......Just making a counter point... sometimes I get a little defensive.. Sorry guys.. lol tight lines!
  6. What does mm stand for? And why does everyone always assume that because a guy uses mono on a fly reel hes lifting? Granted a lot of scumbags use this technique.. but not me.. . All the fish above were fairly caught, pic snapped then released for the next guy.. Maybe some guy with a $400 fly rod.. Maybe some kid with a $20 walmart special spinning rod and worms..... Don't judge... Thats all I'm saying...
  7. Heres a few pics of some of the browns I got in december outta the fingerlake tribs
  8. Heres a few pics of the bows I caught yesterday out of my favorite fingerlake trib. Landed 7 and lost 1.. my hands were too frozen to bother taking pics of the other 2.. Happy New Years Everyone!
  9. Hey moto thanks for the heads up..I have been watching reels on ebay for the last month but have been shocked at how high they go.... Hey I am still interested in those parts if you have the time to poke around and see what you have...
  10. yeah the i had the same problem locks up .... appreciate u lookin man!
  11. Am looking for Martin 72 flyreels for parts or in working condition.... preferrably older style as i think they hold up better...
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