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  1. didnt end up going. nice job though. i wont ask where you went lol but i have a few ideas. i wouldnt tell anyone either. take care good luck
  2. not worth it , to future forecast should be nice
  3. i live in auburn and fish owasco and occasionally cayuga and skan. i also bowfish a lot on the seneca river and outlet ,also i icefish and fly fish as well. i hunt alot, bow mostly. i mainly fish for perch bass and trout out of my 14' starcraft. im also a member on archerytalk and hunting.net take care good luck
  4. ive already been out twice for perch on owasco. didnt do too bad but not much size. would you say there deeper 15-20? or shallower
  5. i have a clown colored floating smithwick...i like alot
  6. well im dry, i decided against going tommarow should be a good day. i dont know what to use, i may stick with the perch on the north end. any info would be great
  7. im looking to go fishing tommarow and dont feel like being in a crowded stream. ive already been out for perch a few times. i was thinking of fishing off einsenour in my boat. i couldnt find any frozen smelt other than cleaned and beheaded, anyone use these? i was thinking of jigging white flukes. anyone know if this would work?
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