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  1. Greetings to all, any info available on what the current water levels are? not as much snow = not as much run off.
  2. Greetings, is the loc sponsoring another derby besides the spring summer or fall?
  3. what marina do you go out of? we fish out of the north end, brennans bay will be up this weekend and hopefully on the water, have definate plans of fishing the loc from the 20th on, we monitor channel 69, boat name dreamcatcher, if we are doing any fish we share info. not sure why you are tangling, we run spin drs a lot and rarely tangle like u describe.
  4. Raymarine service advised me that they no longer service the sportpilot plus, so I am out of luck, cost about 1,8000.oo new and has a limited life?? Guess built in obsolence rules the market place, we dont fix it so buy a new one, well I dont have the $1,800.00 to lay out for a new product. So hopefully maybe someone has a sportpilot plus laying around in a boat not being used or a garage someplace.
  5. Tom, We only fish the locs, but follow the pro am results, as a part time fisherman we appreciate sponsors such as yourself and your products. thank you whichever way this works out.
  6. steering control box? Would like to have a spare model A12020
  7. Main mono to a barrel swivel, 3-4 leader 20#flourocarbon, topped with a good swivel hook to the spin dr top swivel, some lines like flea flicker, get some twist in it from the action, this kinda helps.
  8. 23.13 on third day started at 4th and slid off the board by the end of the loc. You gotta love those 30 plus pounders. 105 ft water rigger set at 85 fish hit the slider nbk green stinger, between olcott and the red barn.
  9. thanks the payeveryday must be the $300 per boat entry fee.
  10. Sorry it happens a lot, is there 2 additional derbies during the summer loc? The $1000 a day entry fee $100 per person and all in the boat must be in it, and I saw somewhere an entry fee of $300 per boat for a fish a day derby? Are they the same?
  11. I had asked at Woodys and Reiters, Reiters called someone that they had been waiting for an answer and he did not call back. Big Dave thanks for that link I will call them.
  12. I am looking for someone that can rebuild/replace my side and drop curtain, the clear plastic is splitting. Several previous vendors are out of business I heard. Boat is in sandy pond area north of pulaski. PS had 4th place fish on day 3 of loc, 23.13 but it just didnt hold up thanks for any assistance
  13. Kings in the boat congats!! 4 mile is a left or right out of Olcott? Hope to be there saturday for the loc.
  14. Guess sandy pond might not be to gracious this year to my 23fter, anyone know of nay private docking in the salmon or little salmon. regards
  15. We fish out of sandy pond and have heard the water level is lower than when we closed last fall. How bad is it and has anyone seem the sandy pond channel this year yet?
  16. The michael jackson spoon wont work well anymore, it only goes 6 feet under.
  17. Was filleting a salmon this past weeknd and cut across an area in the flesh, was very yellow and liguidy, thearea was a few inches below where a lamprey had been. I have seen this once before. Any ides what it might be?
  18. thanks for the info, down the middle is an option, been looking around on line for otters, they arent cheap. will keep looking.
  19. Ive heard off boats running a copper wire rod, so looked into one and of course made a purchase, hoe do most run the rig, I have two wire dipseys that I normally run, looking to ad this rod to the spread, if you run it off a baord or yellow bird type device, what do you use for a release? Any info appreciated. Thanks
  20. Good morning, was fishing just down from wilson when the scotty started, it sounded like a jet was heading our way lol. was neat seeing the fleet cruizin our way, 125 ft of water but then the wakes hit, we were hitting fish so was all good.
  21. We have fished Olcott just in the spring the past few years, the dipsies work with either the wire or we have some with fireline, we have also causght fish on all the spoons sizes, nk 28 and mag sizes mostly. Flies have also taken their share of fish. Hope this is helpful, the western end of the lake is a great time to be. Enjoy.
  22. How can we make sure and not cross over if we dont have all that in place?
  23. shade, we dock across from the town marina with mcdonough, not as nice as the town marina, but he treats us good. will look around at the lake and dock, good luck.
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