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    newark,n.y.fish out of hughes marina
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    bowhunting large bucks,catching big fish

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  1. where is a cost efficient place to have a new canvas top with snaps made?Its just a small one from windshield to just behind drivers seat.Side curtains also snap on it.The boat is a 19' starcraft
  2. great day.way to go and thanks for the report.looks like theyre movin in closer
  3. get well soon musky.just found out yesterday.i dont pray much but ill say some for you and all of yours for a quick and full recovery
  4. (little brown) : Fishing Report ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): (sun 7-5) Time on Water: (7am-4pm) Temp/Weather: (mostly sunny60-80) Wind Speed/Direction: (west5-10) Waves: (1-2 Footers, Calm) Surface Temp: (67) Location: (mostly 180'-250') LAT/LONG: (GPS Cords) =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: )3 Total Boated: (2.) Species Breakdown: (kings) Hot Lure: (skeins screemer spindoctor with green glow fly) Trolling Speed: (2.3-2.8mph) Down Speed: (1.8 mph) Boat Depth: (180'-250') Lure Depth: (100-110') ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ====================)sorry no pic,phone died.fished with tom and brother don.got a late start7am.caught both fish in 210'.both on flasher-fly.1 5# and 1 17#.tough out there today
  5. thanks guys.gonna try and get out sunday.might need a partner if anyones interested give a call 315-879-0894..brett.must have a loc ticket
  6. im interested if u still need a guy.pm me
  7. no down temp.we mark small pods of salmon occasionaly.we see them better on the screeen cruising slow when we're on our way in or out,they seem to be picture shy.might have felt like we fished till 9pm but it was only till 9am
  8. nice job.you sound crazier than me.glad ya got him in the boat.where was your partner?
  9. yea that king was 15.2 #.thanks for posting jason
  10. awesome.ive gotta stop fishin so i can go
  11. havent tried yet.i fished the loc for browns but ive got to get some turkey huntin in.i may mess around by myself sat afternoon depending on the marine forcast.
  12. holdin like a charm.thanks a lot.Lost a money fish this mornin.big brown .thank you very much for the welding
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