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  1. Definitely what happened on Sodus.  I think you should try those two fingerlakes ski dooz.  They are not quite as big as Lake Ontario Rockies but with a little weeding out, you can have a bunch in the 1 lb class.  In addition, you can get some perch in either lake and maybe even a walleye in Skaneateles 

  2. I gave up on finding them in big Sodus yrs ago.  Just not there like they were.  But, I would suggest you try either Keuka or Skaneateles lakes. They are loaded right now 

  3. It’s almost impossible to get out on Erie with our weather but when you can, it’s well worth it. Yesterday was a very good day!




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  4. I have an  update for this thread on spot lock/perch.  The past two weeks I have been perching on a very clear lake. Visibility down to around 22’ . I wondered if the Minn kota would have any effect on the perch clearly visible under my boat so I watched how they reacted to me turning the Minn kota on and off.  Nothing!  I was quite surprised. I did this as shallow as 15’ with no effect on the perch.  
    This was not a one day incident. I experimented on 4 separate days even  in glass calm conditions with the same results.


  5. Nice report.  Your technique of slack line fishing is right on. Early spring perch react  like this everywhere I fish for them.  Expect them to get more aggressive after the spawn and then begin to actively feed..

  6. It really depends on where you are, the clarity of the water and depth. Less is correct for  most of the fingerlakes . I have watched them “ fly away” when someone makes a noise on Seneca or canandaigua. But letting the jig pound the bottom in other lakes , bays and Erie seems to trigger a strike at times.  

  7. I guess I shoot myself in the foot a lot Brian. But you know the way I shoot and probably would miss more often than not:smile:

    just about 14’ is the magic number for not spooking perch.  I can still jig them up under me at that depth.  I would say a little deeper in Skaneateles and some areas of canandaigua where it’s clear.  
    perch move around in tight little schools almost like a flock of sparrows. They move so you better too  In the fingerlakes, drift and cast until you find them, spotlock until they stop biting and then drift some more.

    And by the way, don’t leave home without some worms on board.  They worked 50 yrs ago and still work today.  Just have to fish them in areas without gobies.  The last two years I have been putting some nice Erie late summer perch on board using whatever worms I had left over from walleye fishing.  


  8. Les. They are it the same thing. Silver bass have very pronounced stripes along the side and in Erie get very big. White bass sometimes locally called white perch have a more rounded shape and a single lateral line stripe.

    a lot of lakes have both species along with Erie and Ontario.

    Bob, I have a lake that’s close and you did not mention I think you should try. Pm me.


  9. Gill. Over the past two weeks there seem to be two schools of fish out there. Do not overlook the 55’ water just to the east of the Purina plant.  There are a lot of fish in that depth but a lot of throwbacks.  Not much between 60-90 and then you will find schools of smelt and walleyes ,bows and lakers.  The walleyes were averaging bigger out there. Good luck

  10. Nice catch. I’m wondering what they charged you to just clean fish there and not launch.  I am not a fan of the launch price going up this with no improvements being made to the slabs there

  11. I just tried Skinny this past Tuesday. Gave it an hour with my favorite Erie / Oneida worm harness. Tried along the drop at the north end weaving in and out from 40- 20. Not a single walleye . Lots of bass though.  I also have had some reports of good walleye catches. Just got to keep on trying.

  12. Not nearly as extensive and impressive as most of you guys but:

    7.62 Russian I customized 

    12 gauge Winchester 

    20 gauge Ithaca

    bear whitetail hunter

    bowteck allegiance

    ten point shadow light

    savage M2 muzzleloader 

    243 Ruger 

    270 Remington

    223 Remington 

    and finally, the biggest thing I ever got going to ice fish Honeoye - a nice fat doe with my 2011 outback.

  13. I just read that. It would help if you had the existing regulations open to compare. The proposal specifically references certain sections in the regs.  

    My eRly morning eyes might not be focusing properly yet but I did not see the 12” Crappie regulation for Honeoye. Whew!   10” and 10 fish.

    Gills are 8” and 15 fish in Silver and Honeoye but 25 fish elsewhere. I’m not sure on perch. Jefferson county remains no limits but I think it says 25 fish limit in Ontario and I assume the bays.  I’m also not sure of limits on perch in inland waters.  Nothing on Erie. Maybe someone can interpret this better.

  14. Town halls in smaller towns seem to be better for  licenses.  Not  Greece though. You have to call and make an appointment first.

    I just looked at last years license while talking to Gator. It expired July 30 for doe tags.  The new one begins September 1.  Keep that in mind if you are going to shoot a September doe. 





  15. All those ramps are good but he one I would recommend for now with kids and the shortest distance from Rochester would be the small boat harbor. Just put some worm harnesses down as soon as you clear the boat dock area and enter the harbor and head north until you get past the coast guard station and the north gap area.  You should be able to pick up a few and probably hit some sheephead and perch.

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