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  1. 12”on Honeoye!  That’s going to be tough considering I fish there a lot both ice and open water and rarely catch a Crappie over 12”.  How about stopping the weed cutting first and then see what happens to the panfish population.

    No new perch regs.?   This was not thought out well..

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  2. I hate to give my friend gator any credit, but he has built dozens of ice rods ( along with open water rods) and has a lot of experience with the subtleties of ice blanks.   I also build ice rods and have some experience with various blanks.  We both use mostly our own builds when fishing but I do have a few tickle sticks and HT’s. I do like the UL tickle stick for perch but not so much for gills or crappies.  It does not handle the small tungsten as well as an UL HT with a tungsten spring bobber. ( my preferred gill rod). For crappies, I really have not found any rod out there that I like. But that’s just me. 

  3.  Well, as always, fish have a way of making me look stupid. Today was slow. Only two on plastic and 28 on fatheads.  The water was real cloudy today and I’m thinking that was a problem.  Very soft bites. Could hardly notice.

  4. I was there last week and the fishing was similar. One thing I noticed is when I switched out the fatheads for bigger plastics and  pimples, I caught bigger fish.  Maybe I was lucky but I’ll be there again today and use the artificials. 

  5. Nicely written.  I am a converted panfish guy that used to spend his time chasing salmon in lake O. One thing I would like to add is that the perch population in Keuka  has not increased when the alewife population crashed,  just the opposite. With nothing else to eat, the lakers have hit the perch hard. It seems like you require a finite balancing act between the alewife, trout and panfish.  Skaneateles is a great  lake that has done quite well without alewives.  Fish are a little smaller there but good eating.  

  6. I just did the survey. One thing I am not sure of is there is no distinction between sunfish and bluegills.  I assumed they meant both although I do keep some ice fishing gills and never sunfish.  It seems that most of the sunfish I catch have black spot grubs but the gills in lakes other than Honeoye do not.  About half the sunfish I caught yesterday in Owasco had spots.

  7. Thanks. I’ll try something simple like Conesus, bobber worm, next year.

    Give Owasco a try.  I was there yesterday and there were a lot of fish right in front and a little west of the entrance in 28’.  Huge sunfish and 9” perch.

  8. Nice job. He knows how to take a picture for sure.  My grandson is 1 1/2. How old was your grandson when he first started going? I started putting my grandson in the boat this week, and he heads straight to the steering wheel!

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  9. Pan fishing is good for numbers but not good for size this time of year.  I try every year at around this time but catch only a few marginal keepers over 10”. And they seem to be overly thin compared to other fingerlakes.  Plenty of rock bass and also you should be able to get some smallmouth but they are also mostly in the 10-12” range.  Because of the size of fish my friends and I call this lake “ Skinny” ateles. If your looking for panfish, try Owasco or Cayuga.  Keep in mind, summertime sizes are different than spring and fall.

  10. Correct rollmops.  I was there today and caught a lot of perch and small rockies in 12-14’. Only a half dozen sunnies but they are huge. Can hardly get your hand around them.  Everything caught was on plastics drop shot rig. 

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