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  1. Five 3 3/4 Evil Eyes in great condition One Sutton 88 Two cooper colored Dardevlet's (3/5 oz.) One King Flutter Devle #3200 $18.00 pick up $25.00 shipped (PayPal)
  2. 4 midget flex-i-trolls: 1 NIB 2 in brand new condition 1 used $12.00 a piece or 4 for $40.00 Shipping is additional and PayPal or Pick up
  3. Two 47LC reels in good condition $40.00 each .... both for $75.00. Shipping is extra. PayPal preferred
  4. We try to match up ones from deer we've been watching to gauge their progression from yr. to yr. Having the antlers in your hand is much better than comparing trail cam pictures. Then if someone in the group gets the deer they also get all the sheds.
  5. Top row are like new. Second row show some signs of use but are good. Third row need some love! $30.00 plus shipping. PayPal
  6. 8 "00" flashers in great shape . The Alpena Diamonds are like new $45.00 plus shipping Prefer PayPal
  7. Great input ..... Thanks for the info! I'm curious how the retractable dog leash set up works ... Do you mount it to something or just leave it lay in the boat. We have Tite Lok triples.
  8. And no LOU site to share ideas or learn from others.
  9. Wondering what set up works best for pulling the planer mast line in to attach the rod line. Thinking of using an aluminum carabiner on the mast line but what's the best method to hold it in place while you attach the rod line? Any suggestions (or pics) appreciated
  10. Any help to ID these will be appreciated .... Thanks!
  11. Sampson launch is clean and clear. Water level is not drastically low like cayuga but is lower than normal. SENECA Lake resorts launch fee I believe is 7 or 10 bucks. Can buy a 2 or 3 day plus a seasons pass. I believe the empire pass is no good at the launch anymore. The marina is beautiful... Just a short fee weeks and we will be back home. Nick And Hector Falls is running real hard so I'm sure other tribs are too
  12. Anyone have experience using vertical spinners such as the hammerhead? Would they be effective with the gambler rig or is that over doing it?
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