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  1. I have one also that I've yet to try but will very soon. Can you hear the fan?
  2. There are several other brands out there that are just as good if not better (IMO) that might be worth a look before you decide. First Lite Pnuma
  3. I thought the proposals were for the 2021 season ???
  4. Mission ..... Very accurate ..... Very quiet!
  5. That's a great way to display if you don't have the wall space or height ......Nice job and a GREAT buck!
  6. Can you put up some pictures of the interior .... please
  7. Would you mind sharing what all that cost?
  8. What size Bay rats you using? They are a great lure
  9. Thanks ... Your comment on the " amount of powder that is stuck in the tube" is what I was looking for!!!
  10. I'm using the charge tubes from Blackhorn. They are plastic and when I go to pour the powder out some of the little pellets cling to the inside. Anyone else have this problem with the tubes your using?
  11. A very Happy Thanksgiving to all that make this a great site! https://www.fltimes.com/sports/outdoors-inspiring-story-of-paralyzed-hunter-enjoying-deer-success/article_07891366-66e0-54a7-ae6e-3fb24985bd13.html
  12. His father must have been a muley! Nice buck... Congrats!!!
  13. That is a beautiful buck .... nice job!
  14. Nice buck .... Great shot! Congrats
  15. Beautiful Buck .... love the brow tines
  16. Would love to SEE how he gets it in the van ....where there's a will there's a way? Congrats on a really nice buck!
  17. Congratuations ...!!! Love the story too
  18. Can you talk to the Canandaigua store and get them to carry it too?
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