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  1. I am willing to share. I PM you my number thunds2. If you get a group message going please add me. We have 3 boats going now. No down speed or temp, but more than happy to share. Kurt
  2. We also have two 21ft walleye boats coming from Ohio. We will be up mid day Friday though Monday. We have been watching the weather really close as well. I think we are going to pack walleye gear and if the big lake is rough we may make the drive the Oneida or Chautauqua to fish for eyes. Though the river sounds interesting. The current plan is to go out of Wilson Friday. Then Point Breeze Saturday and Sunday. Then finish back at Wilson on Monday. Weather and parking permitted of course.
  3. You did a lot better than we did. Didn't fish Friday. Went 2 for 6 on Saturday. Then a bit better Sunday and Monday, but nothing big 17.5 was biggest. I fished mainly 60 to 210 FOW west of harbor. Tons of bait and marks. I don't have down speed or temp though so I am fishing pretty much blind in that regard. The fleas were really bad. I'm sure the braid diver and downrigger line didn't help. I left the coppers in the longest and they still had a good foot of build up on them from the spin doctor up. Never took a hit on the 300 coppers, but I fished them anyway. The braid divers with really long leaders (25+ft) did the best and we religiously pulled them every 15 min and put a fresh one down. Still broke off 2 due to fleas in the guides and or reel. I might have been able to get 30 min on the 30# big game, but I didn't chance it due to the braid on the downrigger it's self. I would just cut the swivel off the mono, pull the fleas off and retie. I don't have back up mono rods so they had to be sent right back down. The pulley on the rigger would push most of them down to the shark where you could brush them off somewhat and keep fishing. Ran 2 riggers, 2 coppers and 4 divers and we where busy.
  4. I'm from Ohio as well. I was just up there Friday through yesterday. I have 150# braid on my riggers (big mistake). 30# big game on the rigger rods (didn't matter). Then 30# power pro on the diver rods and 40# copper on the board rods. The 4 of us cleaned fleas constantly for 4 days. If they were in the water more than 15 minutes you would spend at least 15 minutes cleaning them off each rod. They even stuck to swivels on the copper rods and built up on the 20" 50# between the Spin Doctor and Meat. I have never seen anything like it. It's just a light brown nasty slim. Be prepared to clean every rod every 15 minuets. I don't think there is any other way to do it right now. The best way to do it is have enough rods to put a new one down when you bring one up. I had 4 extra diver rods with me and used them, but they built up on the braid pretty quickly. As soon as you got one clean you pulled one and replaced it. You can probably get 20 minuets or so on the 30# big game and half hour on the copper if you are not running a swivel.
  5. Ole pete in Cleveland Ohio does a good job for me. Google ole pete and take a look at his spoons. He does great work.
  6. I will be there thursday friday saturday and sunday am. Only my 2nd time out though.
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