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  1. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name:




    Date(s):Last weekend in March first weekend in April

    lTime on Water:4 days

    Weather/Temp: 17 degrees first day to 45 degrees last day

    Wind Speed/Direction:nnw

    Waves: 3's 4's and 5's

    Surface Temp: 36 to 40

    Location: mexico bay

    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits:

    Total Boated:FULL BOXES EVRY DAY

    Species Breakdown:Browns Atlantic Salmon and a few Lakers

    Hot Lure: spoons n sticks

    Trolling Speed: try and hold 2

    Down Speed:

    Boat Depth: 3 to 35 ft

    Lure Depth:




    Boat traffic was slight to non existant good times seeing and catching fish with friends priceless but pretty damn cold at times would not change a thing

    Almost forgot the most important thing aquired when Glenn was pulling in the big brown I was pointing Spoonfed into the wind found myself yelling back DON'T HORSE IT FINESSE FINESSE when Glenn boated her the guys were taking pictures of course I sitting in Capt's chair had to say enough of the photo session let's get some lines in the water seems it had something to do with where I was sitting at the time Glenn took the helm and said OK richard get those lines out

  2. Glenn

    No fish on the fishfinder means no fish down there even a nightcrawler would be save under the boat if nothing on the finder.No fish on the last trip out was not from lack of trying.

    Got the 67 chevelle at camp on Jacks cleaned up engine and compartment gotta say I am not going to put a small Block Chevy motor in her as of Now. will remain the same just got a lot of cleaning up to do. See Ya in the spring.

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