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  1. ruger's mini 14 is a fine piece of work it's action is modeled after the m14 of military fame. the only thing to watch out for is hand loads that are not the proper oal overall length as this will jam the piece also make sure the brass is crimped to the bullet other than that i have fired quite a few round thru mine in the years enjoy maybe the sks are cheaper they do produce good groups if not fired with only full metal jacketed bullets that are hot loaded

  2. CUZ says I think i remember

    Let the line closest to planner board out three times desired depth + 10% extra for drag (UP) on bigger diameter. I was also told use two rods on planner boards use shower clips and they will go out after the set by relaesing line to the clip(shower hook) Rod holder should be 30-35*above farthest out closest rod should be near level with surface. Cuz said it'll make it easier to figure which is which ifn we get a double

  3. You Could drive it out of the yard come back in a week or so with the equipmant mounted and such If She Asks say that was on there when WE got the boat.

    Gotta Promise not to use my name if anything is going to court though.

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