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  1. Nothing to report, blank screen all day long, picked up a small bow on the way back in on a top line.
  2. Headed up to Cobourg this morning to see if anything is hitting. Will post how the fishing was tonight.
  3. Salmon Board said today was slow but NK Silver and Green. Pickering and East seems to be hot.
  4. When I was up last I did good with the NK Mag Green with a white ladder back on the dipsy. 220 back with a 3 setting. Also had a big one on a NK Mag Orange Crush. They seem to posting something different every day so go with a cluster of different ones and keep them wet. I am just south of you on the St. Lawrance River by Ingleside. Hope you have a good time and give us an update as I may head up to Coburg thursday for the day.
  5. The salmon derby board is showing good counts out of Darlington and West. Not sure on Coburg or Port Hope but should be pretty good. Was out to Wellington last week, but it is slow and the reports are still showing it slow.
  6. And I thought there coffee was expenceive. Those flashers are almost 30 bucks each when you do the exchange on the money. Maybe one of the manufactures over here will have a look and put something new out for us to try.
  7. On the Salmon Derby Board they are showing good catchs out at 120 ft down 50 to 60. Today it was Purple Black Big Urn marked as hot lure. Seems to be a spoon bite on the leader board. Best Catches are Central Lake Ontario.
  8. Next best thing to running the yotes is pulling lines. Nice to see you over here andy
  9. Nice to see you over here Broadhorisions. Going to be down at Albion Aug 9 with the hounds. Jekyll I used to fish for them steady above the dam, now I strickly fish walleye. Fished with the boys from Massena Saturday in a tournament, lots of big fish weighed in. I think the high weight for 3 walleye was just over 20 lbs. Great site and yes I check it as much as the hound site.
  10. I went out to the Scotch Bonnet and little success, Headed the boat out into 130 ft of water and had my luck working the struture on the bottom. What I mean is there are some humps and I just run on the edge of depth changes. had all the hits on a NK Green Latter Back off a #1 dipsy back 200 ft with a 3 setting. Lots of boats out there and you should maybe go out on a charter when in a new area if not sure. I am sure there are some good ones in the area.
  11. Was out for the first time on the lake tuesday with my 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters. First time to Wellington so it was a learning curve. Started out slow with not alot of fish marking at all in the 100' ft range that most of the boats where in. So we headed out and when we got in the 130 ft range started to mark fish and had a hit on the dipsy with an NK Mag Green, about an #8, but they were pumped. Got going again and another one on about the same size on the same spoon. Lost 2 more than a big hit and a daughter who is left handed trying to fight a fish with a right handed reel, wishing for movie camera. 20 min into the fight the fish got off and the lake was getting a little rough so we headed in. I will contribute our good day on the lake to some of the great posts on this board. Thanks to all.
  12. Just found this site a few weeks ago and started to monitor it for awhile. Great site. Across from Massena NY and usually am out on the St. Lawrence chasing walleye's. Took my 2 daughters and 2 granddaughter out on lake O yesterday at Wellington for there first time yesterday and they had a blast with 2 kings on board and 3 lost. I am out fishing as much as I can and the balance of the time am running my hounds somewhere.
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