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  1. still plenty of fish off salmon river,extremely fast action at night trolling stickbaits and glow spoons in skinny water.
  2. they bite very well on sabiki rigs at night under the lights or during the day if you can find a school.i do it all the time,boaters world has the sabiki rigs and probably cabelas too,get the smallest ones made.usually have one on every hook when you find them,screw buying cut bait,use the native stuff.
  3. you guys are kidding right!just take the dambn money and buy what you need!
  4. it doesnt look like a vk,the body has a curve in it just like an apex or kwikfish.
  5. i checked, maybe its a 'vk' your thinking of,these are different though.
  6. saw a vid on youtube with some guys from scotland fishing for giant browns and they were using a dodger/attractor that was shaped a little like a lake clear wobbler/apex 'e'lure mix.i searched everywhere to find them but my guess is thier made in scotland and am having difficulty finding a web site.these things had incredible action and would be smokin hot !im dying to get some.anyone have any ideas?the video on youtube was under 'trolling for browns' youll know its the right one when you see the guy clubbing a 19 pounder.we need to find out who makes them!
  7. thanks for the reply billy,im headed up to fish for the week sunday,always nice to have a blow off spot.
  8. billy did you catch them inside the chute in the actual bay?ive always gone right out and never thought of trying it.
  9. making a trip up for the holiday week staying at [email protected] lodge for the week,do you think the wind and rain will help this week?i notice from the satellites the warm water looks like its starting to stack up.just hope thier wont be warm water all the way out to 500 feet from top to bottom,really spread them thin if there is?what do you guys think?
  10. thanks for report,heading to the same area memorial week,what was the water temps?
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