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  1. Hi Guys coming up to fish seneca lake in october for lakers,LLS.bows, would the sampson area be a good place to go. And maybe Dean cove area also on cayuga Thank you Guys for any info it will be appreciated
  2. Congrats on the durby fish jason :clap:and GOOD LUCK FISHING Neil
  3. Hay John..... Dave is a good man he has done that for me also his spoons are the best i catch a lot of lakers and salmon on them. GOOD LUCK FISHING
  4. Coming up to fish Seneca lake for lakers in late sept.... early oct......have a lot of bigweinie flys, how long is the leader between spin dr. and the fly THANK YOU any info.
  5. After reading some posts some fisherman use sawbellies for bait, to catch lakers i am curious to what they are, what they look like Thanks for any info
  6. Happy Fathers Day Tcon have fun camping good luck fishing if you go fishing get a big laker
  7. Thank You FLXTroutman for the info on a slider or cheater i will be trying it out next time fishing.
  8. Hi Stoutner this is biglaker when you caught the salmon and rainbow at 15 'down on a slider. My question is what is a slider, and sounds like you had a good day
  9. NICE JOB Laker taker you did good nice looking fish
  10. Good Luck jason i wish you catch the big in the lake.....
  11. Hi jason looks like it was a good day on the water
  12. Thanks jason reading your posts on fishing you are the MASTER.........
  13. Good job jason will be coming up for the lake trout durby can i give you a call on the radio ch 68
  14. HI jason were do you get the new flys don,t see them on bigweenies website i use a lot of bigweenies but don,t see cun-swa-lo or bi-sexual thanks biglaker
  15. Sorry to here about your time fishing that realy S&*%
  16. Nice job boys thanks for the pictures, good luck next time when your out fishing.
  17. thanks for the report nice browns good luck on tues
  18. Nice laker way to go.....
  19. What is the whoopie goldburg fly........did big weenie make it for you.
  20. sorry to here that perch predator keep trying you will get him again.
  21. Thank you very much for the information, guys i wish you all very good fishing this year.
  22. Can anyone help me out, Looking for a motel to stay at with my boat during the national lake trout durby thank you the help.
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