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  1. Good times you will never forget
  2. good job boys nice lakers thanks for the report can't wait to get out there.....
  3. Sweet good job boys have a couple can't wait to get out there
  4. Thanks for the report..sounds like to guys had a good time....good luck fishing
  5. Nice Brown..... troutman10 congrats that will look good on your wall thanks for the report and thanks for the picture what lake did you catch the fish at. good luck the rest of the season.........
  6. Thanks for the report nice pic.....good job lilboat
  7. THANKS for the report Nick......Nice LL....Congrats thats what it`s all about.
  8. Hi Glen I stayed at a place called clarks in Geneva 10 mins from seneca and about 20mins from cayuga deans cove boat launch
  9. Nice job guys ......WTG thanks for the report..
  10. Hi Glen I go to the Quabbin all the time, for lakers and LL Got a boat just for there.....
  11. Hay Glen do you do any fishing at Quabbin reservior
  12. HI spoonfed-1 There is a place neer taugonock launch called taugonock farm inn, or if you have google earth downloaded in your computer go to that area around cayuga lake and click on the bed symbols. I hoped this helps you out. Biglaker
  13. I am wishing all you LOU members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..... And for the up coming year 2011 wish you all get a lot of big fish and a lot of them too.
  14. I am wishing all the fishing men and women, and hunters of Lake Onterio United to have a very very HAPPY THANKSGIVING.........
  16. Nice buck cathy way to go congrat.....nice truck too....i got same thing.
  17. Nice job jason thanks for the report did you get at the south end of the lake.
  18. That a nice laker congrats thanks for the report.......
  19. HI Greg we caught the laker a little way before sheldrake we let the laker go it swam back down unharmed and it was a male
  20. Fished out of deans cove oct 6&7 trolled north in about 100-200 fow area down 55-75 down temp was 57-59 degrees we caught a male rainbow 4.5lbs and a female rainbow 6.0lbs and some dink rainbows and some dink landlocks. I am not from there i was on vacation we also fished south from deans cove neer a point were there was something sticking out of the water.I think kind of across from long point we caught some more dink rainbows and and just before there we caught a nice laker 6.12lbs well good luck fishing.
  21. Thanks again jason will be up there beteen oct 3 to oct 8 i will give you a shout on ch 68 to see if are around
  22. Thank You Jason for the info, Maybe around the severne boat launch
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