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  1. Does anyone know if drag washers are still available for Daiwa Great Lakes 47 lc? I know they are old reels but other than sticky drags I really like these but all of them have the drags smoked out of them.
  2. Our fish came from 60-90. On riggers and dipseys with a mix of f/f and spoons. 300 copper pulled better quality and had a few that came off that seemed good too.
  3. Thanks still fishing. Might give that a shot before heading offshore tomorrow. How were the temps inside?
  4. We're in 220 now 1 skip, 2 steel. Slow Current is wicked.
  5. Got a late start and set lines around 830. Pulled 7 kings and 1 steel. One roughly 24, another 14ish. Rest were small. Very few marks from 350-450 but picked away. Anyone know how the inside bite was this morning or how the temps were? We shot straight out with the late start.
  6. I can understand that sk8man but he stated to go to 10-12 for Erie. We more often than not use 20 for leaders (especially harnesses) with 10-12 mainline for eyes.
  7. Just curious as to what techniques you want lighter line with. Most of my walleye trolling has either weight or some sort of diver where a leader would go after the weight. Exceptions would be cranks or possible riggers, I rarely run riggers on Erie. I do run a lot of cranks and would have no problem running them on 20 lb leaders, might lose a little depth with the bigger line but unless your planning on super long wind on leaders your not going to get that back. So what techniques are you wanting lighter leaders for, out of curiosity.
  8. Thanks for the help guys, you make this an awesome site. I did the rest of my daiwas and even re cleaned the ones I had greased and definitly smoother without the grease. Thanks for the help!
  9. Awesome video, wish I would have seen that last night would have made life easier. I went for hillbilly on the first one and took every single piece out of it the reel and I mean every single piece! Does everyone use the carbon washers dry? Smooth drag recommended calls washer grease I bought ?
  10. Got it figured out. Missed the washer under the brass gear. Duh
  11. I emailed Tom last week about going over 4 sg47's, 4 Tica, couple penn 310gti, a couple Daiwa 47h and 6 tekota and a couple casting reels. Could only do the tekotas and the sg47s. I checked with smooth drag and they had the washers so I figured how hard could it be. Now I have $100 in drags and am afraid to try doing anymore myself.
  12. I have 12 tekotas too. My 6 500s that get heavy use, also need drags. I have had these daiwas for a long time. These reels started as my braid dipsey reels, until I replaced them with tekotas. I made them leadcore/walleye reels until I replaced those with Abu alphamar. Then they served as my rigger reels for a year and drags didn't last the weekend on any of the 4. Walleye don't seem to scream off the line like a king. Lol
  13. Just replaced a drag set in a Daiwa sg47lc. First time I ever tried it and after 1.5 hrs I have decided it will be my last. Clutch spring really gave me fits! Not sure what I did wrong but it still doesn't seem like a smooth drag at all? I followed directions and lightly greased the washers and used carbontex from smooth drag. I have 3 more to go and would rather get the next ones right the first time. Thanks Anyone know what I might have done wrong?
  14. Starcraft has not made the islander for quite a few years. The layout is great for open water trolling. The 3.0 will not be a power house but with the correct prop should be fine for 3-5 people but but speeds will probably be 30ish if propped for a heavy load. I had a sylvan skipper that was a very similar boat that I fished Lake Erie and Lake Ontario with for quite a few years. With any used boat, condition is EVERYTHING! Any aluminum boat that has been run too hard could very possibly have loose or missing rivets, or cracked welds depending on brand. If not cover and or stored properly rotten transom and or soft floors are very possible. Even with low hours the boat could be in major need of repairs from neglect and or abuse. One other thing to be careful of is the lower unit, I wouldn't consider an omc, mercruiser or Volvo penta only. Lower units need to have bellows and gears checked. A bad bellows can sink a boat and bad gears could possibly cost more to have replaced than the value of the boat. If your not super familiar with boats I would suggest taking someone with you that is or paying for a marine survey. May sound over the top but I've been around boats my whole life and seen plenty of boats that were nightmares for the new owner that could have been avoided.
  15. If not running on a board I have absolutely no problem leaving core in my rod guides. Our normal River/Rez, walleye set ups are full cores on 47 size reels. No backer. Let it out til it ticks bottom and adjust from there.
  16. Thanks for the help. I ordered a pair and braid backer and spro for connections. Still have some more gift card to spend, will probably wait for a flicker shad sale and spend the rest.
  17. Sorry small key board and big thumbs. Was supposed to say 300
  18. Can I fit 399' of 45# copper on a 57lc? I have a bunch of cabelas cards to use up and they don't seem to have much of a selection in bigger reels except for tekotas and don't really want to spend that much for a reel that will only see a couple trips a year. Thanks
  19. For walleye fishing with tattle flags I use the or18 (snapper release) on The front and the stock or19 (orange release with no pin) on the back. Depending on how hard the lure, weights are pulling depends how deep I put it into the rear release. My goal is to have bigger fish pull the line out of the back release with a little extra pressure but not having to jerk the rod or lock down the drag etc. it's the same as finding a sweet spot in a downrigger release. For salmon or other hard fighting fish I prefer to not use the tattle flag system and have my or19 mounted to the screw eye on the face of the board with the line buried in the clip not set to release at all. Reason for this is if the fish is strong enough to sink the board, having the rear clip on the front keeps it from diving and keeps the board foam side up. My way may not work for some but that is one of the advantages to the offshore planet board system, many rigging options for each anglers persona preference.
  20. Can someone tell me how much it costs to enter this derby? I looked on their website and couldn't find it.
  21. Sorry guys, been gone and just realized there were alot of pm waiting on me. Yes reels are still available.
  22. Thanks Paul, I was at Olcott last weekend and the action was as hot as I have seen with mix of matures steel and good coho. I had friends in Pt breeze over the weekend and they did fair but if the fish are there hopefully the temps will be good and the fish hungry. Good job on the third place finish this past weekend. Cannot wait to back at the Oak! Beutiful boat by the way I have dreamed of owning a 10 meter since my dad bought a new trojan International center consol when I was a kid. Scott
  23. Can anyone tell me how long of a drive it is from Pt breeze to Olcott. Staying in Pt breeze weds through sunday but might pull the boat to olcott a day or 2 if the fishing continues to be better there. I googled it and it is showing over an hour just seemed kind of long? Scott
  24. I have a pair of okuma cv45d, line counters. I purchased them maybe 3 years ago and rigged them up with copper and 300 yd of power pro 30/8 backing. The copper got destroyed last weekend when the two lines became tangled and had to cut everything apart to save the lures. Reels have seen very little use maybe 10 days of total fishing time. $120 plus shipping. or possible trades for cranks or walleye gear. Scott
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