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  1. Rough up holder and cap with sandpaper. Clean with alcohol and use silicone. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Check out some of the dual consoles. Great boat for family and fishing. Robalo 247. the new century resorter 24. Not a cuddy but my wife prefers the open bow and it works great for family time and fishing time. Pursuit, sea hunt, striper, Grady, Boston whaler,scout etc... they are all making them now. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Helix 7 83/200 works great. Marks everything. Fish hawk does not interfere at all.
  4. Try
  5. Watch the roll pins. Some tend to work themselves out.
  6. I have 10 dual axis. Love them but they get loose over time.
  7. Fished from 6-10am. 4 kings from 15-20lb range. East of Wilson 230-290' was best. Didn't mark much and no bait. Cold water down 50+. Decent day tho !
  8. Thanks. Hit that 100' to start and go from there.
  9. Heading up in the morning. Where should I start ?
  10. Thanks. Fish both Erie and Ontario weekly and want to go 20 down to 12/10 on Erie but using the same gear.
  11. Looking to go from #20 mono down to a #12 flouro leader. What would be the best knot to join them together. Thanks for any advice.
  12. Where do the salmon go in the wintertime ? Does deep water hold good temp for them ..?
  13. I have the helix 7. It works great and can't beat the price. Like mentioned by Yankee their customer service can't be beat !
  14. Dicks also carries them.